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CWA Union Uses Violence Against Two Employees Who Blew Whistle on Union Corruption

Posted by iusbvision on May 12, 2010

Courthouse News Service:

According to the complaint in Brooklyn Federal Court, DiStefano was a member in good standing with the union when in the summer of 2007 a union manager overseeing worked for Verizon on Staten Island told his men that so long as they did three “fiber to premises” jobs each day, they could put in for a full day’s pay no matter how many hours they actually worked.
DiStefano says he refused to participate in the scheme, and told other workers, supervisors and union management that the practice was illegal. When Taravella went to work at the Verizon garage, he says, he expressed the same reservations.
DiStefano and Taravella say revealed the scheme to Verizon’s corporate security in May 2008. From then on, they say, they were subjected to increasing abuse from union brothers, shop stewards and union chiefs.
They claim that Richard Meltz, a union chief, told angry union members to “do whatever you want with those two guys.”
Immediately afterward, the two men say they were brought up on false charges that they had made “discriminatory” gestures” to their co-workers. The case was supported by affidavits signed by many of their union brothers.
As a result, DiStefano and Taravella say, they were “terminated” from the Staten Island garage, relocated, demoted, and placed on bogus “final warnings” due to the false charges of “discrimination” and “harassment” and “making gestures” to their union brothers.
When they complained to superiors, they were told, “You guys did it to yourself,” according to the complaint.
Soon after that, Taravella says he discovered that somebody – allegedly shop steward Manny Rincon – had put a dead rat in his locker.

A month later, a union member called DiStefano a “rat” while hitting him about the face and head, an attack that left him with two herniated discs, he says.
In neither case did the union take action against the alleged perpetrator. Instead, in DiStefano’s case, he says the incident led to his termination for allegedly starting the fight.

The plaintiffs say the union encouragement the violence against them. They say that at an August 2009 meeting, Joe Macaleer and Mike Luzzi, two vice presidents of the Local, told members that the company was “having a lot of problems right now ‘due to a couple of troublemakers,'” and that “We have to learn that we can’t call corporate security because we don’t want those people getting involved in our business.”
The complaint claims that Macaleer said, “I don’t want nobody in this room to call corporate security any more.” [And] “I don’t care if somebody comes to work with a gun saying they’re going to shoot people, you don’t say anything … we have a lot of problems here due to the fact there are ‘spies ‘in the room.” [Ellipsis in complaint.]
Macaleer added, “You know who you are,” while looking directly at the plaintiffs, according to the complaint.
DiStefano and Taravella sued the CWA Local 1101, seeking damages for reckless indifference, assault and battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
They are represented by Ambrose Wotorson of Brooklyn.

8 Responses to “CWA Union Uses Violence Against Two Employees Who Blew Whistle on Union Corruption”

  1. steven said

    unions were good many years ago. now its about self profit and bloodsuckin the hard working people.

  2. Paul Geer said

    As a union member, well, I no longer have a position at IUSB, but still considered a member, I have to say the union had a place on IUSB campus during the eighties. Today, since 2000, the same union offers no real help for the service employees who pays the officers their wages. For the most part they head down to Indianapolis to raze hell with Mitch Daniels and pretty much agree with the present IUSB Facilities Management. Actually, it’s a paper union… ineffective. On the other hand if you want to carry a picket sign, well they have that covered, if you get fired, don’t count on them. There is even an union officer who is in the pocket of the director Facilities Management and pretty much looks out for himself. The regional manager of the union doesn’t appear to want any dealings with the vice chancellor because it’s too much effort.

    So Steven, I have to agree with you, basically this union are users.

  3. steven said

    not just users. dont forget bloodsuckers.

  4. steven said

  5. steven said

    click on this site then go to E-board earnings and look how much money the rep’s make. and 90% of them are retired. WOW (union rebuilders bloodsuckers.

  6. s said

    E-Board Earnings$172181.00. CWA Earnings 2008. $162969.00. CWA Earnings 2009. $168701.00 … $186990.00. CWA Earnings 2008. $179574.00. CWA Earnings 2009,

  7. john said

    glenn beck got it right. open your eyes to unions. the unions of today are backyard thugs.

  8. tnt8adc said

    these union guys make alot of money and they want more. funny. talk about GREED.

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