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Video – David Horowitz: How Radical Professors Indoctrinate Students

Posted by iusbvision on May 12, 2010

Part I – This video talks about the Academic Bill of Rights and how books on campus are often one sided. IUSB’s own “One Book One Campus” is a prime example.  

Part II – Leftist academics admit that 95% of them are political leftists, “But our study shows that there is no indoctrination going on”. How did they do the study? They went to the leftist professors and asked them “Do you indoctrinate your students?” …. Courses being taught in how to overthrow the U.S. Government etc.

Part III – Horowitz speaks about how some leftist professors admit that there classes are little more than a means of political activism and that goes double for Women’s Studies programs. Students complain that the work of many Republican appointed Justices is not studied in Constitutional Law classes,  instead they are derided. Peace studies professors and departments have no professors of military science and history. Instead the classes are merely leftist political activism:  

Part IV – Horowitz explains how AFT, ASA, AAUP etc. are ran by leftists and if a professor criticized them they will be called all sorts of names. At many of the large universities the worst of the far left professors often dominate in the faculty because they are so vindictive and willing to attack that others just get out of their way:

Part V – Horowitz is grateful for Ward Churchill. Horowitz explains some of the antisemitic bias among leftist faculty and how difficult it is, for even the most academically fraudulent professors, to get fired:

Part VI – The one thing that a university administrator cannot abide is embarrassment. I know because it is the weapon I have used to get IU administrators to simply follow federal law and their own rules. Schools of education are very often the worst when it comes to turning education into indoctrination. William Ayers anyone? Horowitz also discusses the ridiculous behavior of 88 members of the faculty in the Duke Lacrosse case.  

Part VII – Horowitz explains how many “education centers” on campus function like small political parties. Part 7 & 8 Horowitz explains the difference between “free speech” and “academic freedom”

Part VIII –

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