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Wisconsin solution to the public education problem: Teach kids union history propaganda!

Posted by iusbvision on May 12, 2010

Unionized government education doesn’t care about you, they care about politics, money and power and is there a bigger example of the truth of this than what is happening here. Oh, you doubt me? If we were to take a poll among parents and students about what needs to be done to fix the unionized public school failure, would the answer “not enough focus on the history of the far left labor movement” even make it in the top 100? We both know the answer to that one. But is is number one according to unions who wield political power.

Of course math, science , history, philosophy and civics aren’t in the union’s top priorities judging by the performance.

Via Big

It seems Big Labor’s glory days have passed them by and that’s fueling their effort to pass state laws, such as in Wisconsin, ordering the teaching of “the history of organized labor in America and the collective bargaining process,” according to the bill recently signed by Gov. Jim Doyle.

More recently, labor groups in Minnesota have produced materials geared toward public schools that will teach the influence of Big Labor in the state.  Reports Workday Minnesota:

To provide more resources for teaching about workers and labor history, the Labor Education Service has released a new video and website devoted to teaching about the Minneapolis truckers’ strikes of 1934. LES also has embarked on a new student-focused project documenting the history of the state Capitol.

Meanwhile, the AFL-CIO, the American Federation of Teachers, the National Education Association and the United Association for Labor Education have all passed resolutions supporting the expansion of labor-in-the-schools efforts.

One wonders if perhaps, given the fact that American students rank 24th and 25th worldwide in math and science test scores (McKinsey Group), schools should instead focus on teaching the basics and preparing American students for a global economy.

Instead of teaching the history of the isolationist labor unions, maybe teach a course on how America became the best country in the world: through hard work, competition and innovation spurred by capitalism.

Today’s labor movement despises capitalism and would prefer to eliminate foreign imports.

And maybe, just maybe, if we’re going to really teach American history, we should get back to the basics: the Constitution, our Founding Fathers and the commitment from the World War II generation and others that allowed America to be in the position we’re in: free and prosperous.

Instead, students will be required to learn about the history of Big Labor, probably without the ugly but honest details regarding mobsters, graft, corruption, and murders.

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