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Bill O’Reilly goes off on Deputy Sec. of State Michael Posner over outrageous China/Arizona apology.

Posted by iusbvision on May 18, 2010

When I saw what Posner did, I wrote on YouTube that a pinhead of this magnitude could have only come from leftist academia. Come to find out that he teaches at Columbia and Yale. Come to find out Posner and a list of George Soros funded very far left open borders types (read nuts) are now working in the State Department.

UPDATE IV – O’Reilly Grills State Department Spokesman Over George Soros Funded Nuts Working There

UPDATE III – The lovely and tenacious Michelle Malkin has more on Posner’s history.

UPDATE II – Here is the video of the State Department spokesman admitting that he has not read the law either (Thanks to Michelle Malkin for the video link):

UPDATE I – Greta Van Susteren now reporting:

Here is an idea….READ IT! Stop being DUMB !

Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner is reported to have likened Arizona’s new illegal immigration statute to human rights in China.

State Department spokesperson PJ Crowley defended Posner and Posner’s comments.  And then? He admitted he had not read the statute.

US Attorney General Eric Holder did the same thing last week. He criticized in harsh terms the new Arizona law and then admitted that he had not read it.

Is there any reason why the Administration is criticizing the statute without reading it ? That is intellectually dishonest (and plain dumb.)

It is one thing to criticize it AFTER reading it…but criticizing harshly without bothering to read it?  Is that really fair? or how about this, is it even smart?

Remember how the President found himself in some hot water last summer when he criticized the Cambridge, Mass police (said they acted stupidly) and then admitted he did not know what happened between the police and Professor Gates.  (Yes, dumb!)

Would his Administration not have learned from that messy experience?  First get the facts.  Second reach an opinion.  Third speak out.

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