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AWESOME: Glenn Beck Special on the Black Founding Fathers

Posted by iusbvision on May 29, 2010

Take your leftist revisionist “racist white slave owner jerks” narrative and cram it.

Frederick Douglass – “The Constitution is an anti-slavery document”

“I know of no rights of color superior to those of humanity” – Our Composite Nationality by Frederick Douglass. Douglass despised group politics and the victim narrative.

Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass

Barton – I was on the committee on history standards for the Texas school books and when I got the Black Founders put back in the history curriculum the left went crazy ….



5 Responses to “AWESOME: Glenn Beck Special on the Black Founding Fathers”

  1. Wesley said

    I really don’t see how this will and testament is relevant.

    And what the hell does that mean?! You seriously make the argument that I shouldn’t compare you to the Nazis, and where does this Stalin thing come from?! Who said anything about Stalin?! Here in Canada, we’d had slavery abolished a hundred years before you did, because we didn’t dogmatically defend ‘the confederacy’ and ‘states rights’ and ‘republican ideals of opposing tryranny’ or at least your interpretation of it. In fact, we had a railroad to here, to free them. Does that prove anything? Well, it does, but if it doesn’t then you can’t possibly think bringing up Stalin has anything to do with anything.

    [IUSB Vision Editor responds –

    To anyone who thinks the connection is obvious, but to you there are no enemies among the left are there. /rollseyes.]

  2. michael said



    The Constitution and Slavery

    Frederick Douglass
    March 16, 1849
    The North Star

    [IUSB Vision Editor – The poster inserted a massive wall of text here that was impossible to get through – here is the link to his text – ]

    [IUSB Vision Editor Responds –

    Ok, I read the words, in fact I have read them before as I am a student and admirer of Douglass. I will say it – Beck has it correct and you didn’t do your homework.

    If you bothered to watch the show they clearly state that Douglass originally opposed the Constitution, but later changed his view. At first Douglass did not understand that the 3/5th compromise and the structure of the Constitution were designed to squeeze slavery out over time. Indeed after 1859 Douglass changed his position and concluded that the Constitution is an antislavery document that should be used to oppose slavery. A simple Google search will show you more quotes and sources than one can count. In fact, in the 1860 speech below Douglass indicates that the Founders let the South believe that slavery was protected and it was a rouse. Other letters and the text of the debates among the Founders indicate this as well.

    Here are some excerpts from his 1860 speech:

    The Constitution of the United States: Is It Pro-Slavery or Anti-Slavery?

    Frederick Douglass
    March 26, 1860
    A Speech Delivered in Glasgow, Scotland

    “the American Government and the American Constitution are spoken of in a manner which would naturally lead the hearer to believe that one is identical with the other; when the truth is, they are distinct in character as is a ship and a compass. The one may point right and the other steer wrong. A chart is one thing, the course of the vessel is another. The Constitution may be right, the Government is wrong. If the Government has been governed by mean, sordid, and wicked passions, it does not follow that the Constitution is mean, sordid, and wicked”

    “Reference was made at the City Hall to my having once held other opinions, and very different opinions to those I have now expressed. An old speech of mine delivered fourteen years ago was read to show — I know not what. Perhaps it was to show that I am not infallible. If so, I have to say in defence, that I never pretended to be. Although I cannot accuse myself of being remarkably unstable, I do not pretend that I have never altered my opinion both in respect to men and things. Indeed, I have been very much modified both in feeling and opinion within the last fourteen years.

    When I escaped from slavery, and was introduced to the Garrisonians, I adopted very many of their opinions, and defended them just as long as I deemed them true. I was young, had read but little, and naturally took some things on trust. Subsequent experience and reading have led me to examine for myself. This had brought me to other conclusions. When I was a child, I thought and spoke as a child. But the question is not as to what were my opinions fourteen years ago, but what they are now. If I am right now, it really does not matter what I was fourteen years ago. My position now is one of reform, not of revolution. I would act for the abolition of slavery through the Government — not over its ruins. If slaveholders have ruled the American Government for the last fifty years, let the anti-slavery men rule the nation for the next fifty years. If the South has made the Constitution bend to the purposes of slavery, let the North now make that instrument bend to the cause of freedom and justice.”

  3. Rob Lapierre said

    “It should also be borne in mind that the intentions of those who framed the Constitution, be they good or bad, for slavery or against slavery, are so respected so far, and so far only, as we find those intentions plainly stated in the Constitution.”

    I’m not done reading it, but for those who aren’t ignorant bigots childishly holding onto a 200 year old piece of asswipe (by which i mean your constitution), that means that it ISN’T an anti-slavery document secretly. It is what it is, and what it is is something that protects slavery. You don’t get to ascribe your belated humanity to it when the authours had little.

    “It would be the wildest of absurdities, and lead to endless confusion and mischiefs, if, instead of looking to the written paper itself, for its meaning, it were attempted to make us search it out, in the secret motives, and dishonest intentions, of some of the men who took part in writing it.”

    “At first Douglass did not understand that the 3/5th compromise and the structure of the Constitution were designed to squeeze slavery out over time…” quit reading into it what you want!!!

    [IUSB Vision Editor Responds,

    Hey Rob,

    Try reading the link and then look at the view of the Garrisonians which Douglass is now repudiating. We do not have to read anything into it, Douglass makes his view clear providing that you read the other speeches of his on that site and you realize what the Garrisonian view is. Later Douglass even said that the Constitution is a freedom document.

    So in this case you are either engaged in wishful thinking, unknowing ignorance, or your just a liar. Judging by the ridiculous zeal of your post you might just be a loon.

    The Constitution did not address slavery, the 3/5th compromise prevented the South from having the Power in the House of Representatives to resist the squeezing out of slavery. Even PBS’s classroom curriculum on George Washington and the other Founders says how Anti-Slavery he was and many of the others were.]

  4. Rob Lapierre said

    “I answer — It is a downright disability laid upon the slaveholding States; one which deprives those States of two-fifths of their natural basis of representation. A black man in a free State is worth just two-fifths more than a black man in a slave State, as a basis of political power under the Constitution. Therefore, instead of encouraging slavery, the Constitution encourages freedom by giving an increase of “two-fifths” of political power to free over slave States. So much for the three-fifths clause; taking it at is worst, it still leans to freedom, not slavery; for, be it remembered that the Constitution nowhere forbids a coloured man to vote.”

    If that were the case, the slave states would be the ones opposed to the measure, and northerners would’ve been proud/supportive of it. And even this guy seems unaware of literacy tests and poll taxes and everything else they did to push blacks from voting.

    Uneducated redneck excuse for a country…

    [IUSB Vision Editor Responds –

    A simple examination of the debate at the Constitutional Convention proves you incorrect, so do the letters and other writings of the Founders.

    Anyone with a few minutes and access to a search engine can see that you are talking smack.

    Hey man, if you are going to come on my site and tell such whoppers could you at least make them whoppers that aren’t laughably refutable?

    By the way, the THEY that tried to keep Blacks from voting were Democrats. Within 20 years of the Republican Party coming into existence Black Republicans were elected to Congress.]

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