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Andrew Klavan: Political Correctness Kills

Posted by iusbvision on June 11, 2010

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A Timeless Masterpiece.

Posted by iusbvision on June 11, 2010

Of course this is Broadway star Deborah Gibson, but in the 1980’s she wrote, produced, arranged and performed many of her own songs. In fact Gibson still holds the world record as the youngest performer to write, produce and perform a number one hit single.

No oversexualization, no naughty school girl outfits, no lip syncing, no “synthesized assistance” to her voice, just pure hard work and talent. So I wanted to remind the audience of a truly timeless masterpiece from a more civilized time.

Great Song – (pardon the quality of the DailyMotion video)

Here is a video of Gibson’s more resent work from the Broadway Musical “Grease”

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