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President’s leadership inept over oil spill

Posted by iusbvision on June 13, 2010

Granted Mike Huckabee may be angling to run for president again but in this case he is spot on. European countries have offered to loan us skimmer ships to help clean up and they were ignored. Florida wants to clean up its own beaches and the feds wont let them. Louisiana was out with plans for barriers and clean up very early and the feds wont let the states help with the cleanup and in fact are not even talking to the states with Republican governors. Companies who make oil spill equipment are contacting the federal government only to not get calls returned. Combine this with the fact that the MMS didn’t buy and position the equipment they were required to and come to find out that many of their employees are watching porn at work just goes to show that government may be incapable of responding well to any disaster.

UPDATE – Jim Quinn reports that JPS Industries of Bristol,  New Hampshire shipped 3 miles of boom to the oil slick site early on. The bureaucrats rejected it because it was non spec., specifically because it was the wrong color ….. we could not make this up folks.

One Response to “President’s leadership inept over oil spill”

  1. Paul Geer said

    Obama has proven, again, he unable to do his job as president inside the U.S. or Outside, his foreign policies has not made friends with other countries leaders including Muslim. Even G.W. Bush had the respect of Muslim nations. I Europe, Obama is thought of as a young inexperience kid in the White House who is laughable (hence the Little ManChild) and wonder why the U.S. elected him. Better yet, why were so many fooled by the Little ManChild to begin with, to elect sure a fool.

    The fact is, the only thing the left knows how to do is find blame, prolong a disaster, and maximize damage and penalties. Right now after 55 some days into the oil spill, all the people want is to get on the coming oil and clean up with all due dispatch. British Petroleum has been on the job from day one dealing with something they had never dealt with before in deep well rigging, and has actually come up with ways to slow down and eventually stop the flow. There is no sense stepping on BP toes or “kicking ass” before the job is done.

    Right now there are ships available equip with vacuums to draw up the water oil mixture and separate the oil out and return the water. But for some reason we can’t allow them in because the ships are foreign made. Am I hearing this right? G.W.Bush would have lifted that law in a heart beat! Why not Obama.

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