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Former Chief Economist at Dept of Labor: Uncertainty is the private sector job killer.

Posted by iusbvision on July 5, 2010

This is exactly the case that we have been making since Feb. 2009. I love it when the professional economists catch up with me.

Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Diana Furchtgott-Roth on why government ambiguity has negatively impacted national hiring.

Speaking of a lack of consumer, investor and employer confidence and upcoming regulatory uncertainty…..

I agree with what she said, but since the Democrats are plowing ahead with turning America into a kleptocracy, we have to keep unemployment insurance going at least until the election and some of the regulatory uncertainty can be stopped.

Carly gets it right!

[In the interests of full disclosure Carly used to be my employer, but as I have stated I have mixed feelings on her performance – Editor]

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Schools dumbing down kids says Dr. Mindy Peck

Posted by iusbvision on July 5, 2010

Dr. Peck is a speech communication professor [My specialty field as well  – Editor] and her position (which isn’t fully explored in this interview) is that schools are teaching tests and pop culture nonsense instead of the classics and critical thinking which lead to better learning, studying and work habits.

The statement in her introduction is that a student will more likely be asked to read a book from the Oprah reading list than a classic is essentially true from my experience and will be qa portion of my upcoming book.

Go Dr. Peck! I am so glad to see a professor speak out on this issue and I find it most satisfactory that she is a speech communication professor.

In the last two years I was at IUSB several professors talked with me off the record and are starting to ask themselves if academia may be letting us down or ar they just getting the big picture of education wrong somehow [Don’t worry guys I won’t out you – Editor]. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if academia started to work at fixing itself and started showing more introspective? One thing is for sure, the whole idea of “I have a PhD. so who are you to critique me” attitude has got to go. Most of the professors who have had me in class know full well that I am capable of earning a PhD. if I so desired, but I was so put off by what I saw in academia, in the text books and the culture that I have no desire to subject myself to it. Don’t think of that statement as just my usual cockiness, instead think of how many other capable students have the same opinion.

I will be watching Dr. Peck’s career because I expect that she will be retaliated against for speaking out, and not only that, for daring to speak out on the Fox News Channel.

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Protesters at Palin California Speech the Elite Media Ignored. They Screamed “Eat the Rich…”

Posted by iusbvision on July 5, 2010

College professors of course participated according to John D. Villarreal. The paid “rent-a-crowd” from the Teamsters also showed up.

(Fast forward to to 13 seconds in to get passed the rather irritating promo – sorry John you do good work man but your promo’s sould like a bad used car commercial. John’s style is very intense and high energy.)

Villarreal took has 10 video’s of the event. Here is one of them.

HERE is the video of Palin’s speech at CSU.

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About Micheal Steele….

Posted by iusbvision on July 5, 2010

UPDATELimbaugh responds – Why are you pinheads so zealously attacking Michael Steele who is at least half right, not going after Elena Kagan who is all wrong….

Hi all lack of posts lately due to a bout of food poisoning. Anyways about Steele and his Afghan war comments.

This is another case of Republicans being too quick to get into a flame war with each other. It needs to stop. So many people are talking that no one is listening.

What did Steele say that was so bad?

Steele said that this was Obama’s war. Well there is merit to that point of view. Obama and the Dems said that Iraq was unjust and a distraction and that Afghanistan was the “just war” and that we should focus on that. So from that point of view saying this is “Obama’s chosen war” has merit.

Steele’s comments about a land war in Afghanistan have merit. Land wars in Afghanistan have a long history of being a long drawn out mess. The USA never did commit to a massive land occupation of Afghanistan under Bush.  With that said Obama did not agree to give the commanders on the ground what they asked for to complete the mission he gave them.  If we are not going to do this as the military asks we should get out (lesson from Vietnam).

Liz Cheney and Bill Crystal take another view that also has merit. Congress authorized the Afghan invasion and Bush executed that invasion to oust the Taliban. If we leave it will create a power vacuum the same sort that was created when we left Afghanistan too early after we helped the Northern Alliance kick the Soviets out. A US withdrawal would have bad consequences for American credibility and our allies in the region and would embolden Iran.

Again all these arguments have merit.

Taking one view or the other doesn’t mean that you are a dirty no good so in so.

Republicans need to stop asking people to resign, stop saying that Steele is attacking our troops, stop saying that someone is an apologist for XXX. How about having a solid, substantive policy discussion and weigh the merits and demerits on both sides like adults?

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