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Schools dumbing down kids says Dr. Mindy Peck

Posted by iusbvision on July 5, 2010

Dr. Peck is a speech communication professor [My specialty field as well  – Editor] and her position (which isn’t fully explored in this interview) is that schools are teaching tests and pop culture nonsense instead of the classics and critical thinking which lead to better learning, studying and work habits.

The statement in her introduction is that a student will more likely be asked to read a book from the Oprah reading list than a classic is essentially true from my experience and will be qa portion of my upcoming book.

Go Dr. Peck! I am so glad to see a professor speak out on this issue and I find it most satisfactory that she is a speech communication professor.

In the last two years I was at IUSB several professors talked with me off the record and are starting to ask themselves if academia may be letting us down or ar they just getting the big picture of education wrong somehow [Don’t worry guys I won’t out you – Editor]. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if academia started to work at fixing itself and started showing more introspective? One thing is for sure, the whole idea of “I have a PhD. so who are you to critique me” attitude has got to go. Most of the professors who have had me in class know full well that I am capable of earning a PhD. if I so desired, but I was so put off by what I saw in academia, in the text books and the culture that I have no desire to subject myself to it. Don’t think of that statement as just my usual cockiness, instead think of how many other capable students have the same opinion.

I will be watching Dr. Peck’s career because I expect that she will be retaliated against for speaking out, and not only that, for daring to speak out on the Fox News Channel.

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