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Megyn Kelly Vs Kirsten Powers on Voter Intimidation

Posted by iusbvision on July 14, 2010

Some Democrats don’t care about voter intimidation, as long as it is Democrats doing the intimidating.

Powers either did not watch the testimony to the Civil Rights Commission, or just doesn’t care.


Whistleblower: DOJ Dropped Voter Intimidation Case Because Defendants Were Black – UPDATED!

Beck: News stories elite media not telling you

More voter fraud that the DOJ won’t enforce (for political reasons)

UPDATE – AllahPundit at HotAir commented on this argument [which is interesting because it has been widely rumored that KP and AP have had a relationship – I state that not because we like gossip or Page 6 style journalism but full disclosure is better than less – Editor] :

MK’s at her throat from the word go (“you don’t know what you’re talking about!”) [but come on AP – KP either didn’t watch the Civil Rights Commission Hearings and/or didn’t review the witness testimony which showed much more voter intimidation that was shown on the short clip most people have seen on YouTube. KP was either ignorant of these facts or wanted to pretend that they didn’t exist. I am inclined to believe the latter because it is a favorite tactic of the left and when called on it KP automatically whipped out the race card with the “scary black man” crack which pretty much amounted to fighting words. THAT is why MK went off – Editor] and KP all but accuses her of inciting racial hysteria with her coverage of the Panther case (“scary black man”) before Kelly eventually threatens to cut her mic. The hostility’s genuinely shocking. Ironic that a lefty who’s derided by the nutroots for being some sort of Roger Ailes stooge would be the one to lob a grenade that explosive at the network’s biggest rising star.

Much as it pains me to say it, KP’s also guilty of moving the goalposts. First she questions whether there really was voter intimidation by the Panthers; when Kelly presses her, she backs off and concedes that, okay, maybe there was wrongdoing — before wondering why Kelly didn’t show the same level of outrage when the Bush DOJ started prosecuting fewer voting rights cases. Which is fine, I guess, but it’s awfully late in the game to start noticing that cable news nets cover stories from a partisan viewpoint.

Another favorite tactic of the left that KP uses is whipping out a bogus moral equivalency to justify their wrong doing by pulling the old “Republicans did it too” claim. Powers points to a NYT article that says that under the Bush Administration over time there was a statistical drop in voting rights prosecutions; which is not exactly a moral equivalency of two armed black panthers in military garb at a polling station using racial epithets against whites who were coming to vote and then dropping the case after the case was won.

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