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Glenn Beck Blasts ABC Over Propaganda Style Hit Piece

Posted by iusbvision on September 3, 2010

ABC would have made Goebbels proud…. (via rightscoop)

What ABC did here was a disgrace, but typical of the more and more outrageous smears that we see coming out of the elite media culture. As we get closer to the election expect the out of context snippets and just made up quotes (like they did to Rush Limbaugh when he was buying into the NFL) to get more and more common.

Sarah Palin calls them the “make it up media” and all too often that discription fits them like a glove.

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New GOP Congress ready to make history?

Posted by iusbvision on September 3, 2010

They had better. Never in my lifetime had I expected to see the citizenry, including independents who used to only watch politics a few weeks before election time, so engaged and informed. The people are demanding results.  There has been a change in the national consciousness.

The elite media is going to go crazy trying to beat the new Congress down, but they had better go after the elite media with aggressive and spirited refutation and not back down to them. The GOP has to perform and keep performing. If they don’t the voters will toss them out of power again and they will give Obama something to run against in 2012.

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Threats, Coercion, and Bullying at Missouri State. Teacher Orders Students to Have a Homosexual Experience…

Posted by iusbvision on September 3, 2010

Via The Fire:

This short documentary covers FIRE’s case at Missouri State University, where social work student Emily Brooker was threatened with expulsion after she refused (as a matter of personal belief) to send a signed letter to the Missouri state legislature in favor of homosexual foster parenting and adoption. This violation resulted not only in a federal lawsuit (which the school settled) but also in an official report that found that a culture of intimidation rife in the schools School of Social Work. For instance, many students and faculty stated a fear of voicing differing opinions from the instructor or colleague, and bullying was used by both students and faculty to characterize specific faculty. The 12-minute documentary features interviews with Brooker, faculty at MSU involved in the case, and Missouri state legislator Jane Cunningham.


Watch this video, as you can see an entire group of professors and a department head conspired to violate her constitutionally protected rights, and the law. This kind of illegal behavior is not uncommon on campus.

Strike a blow for freedom and diversity and send a donation to FIRE today!

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Illegal Censorship at Binghamton University: Student Suspended for Posters Criticizing Department of Social Work and Government Agency

Posted by iusbvision on September 3, 2010

For detailed case materials follow the link.

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Local Genius: D. Anson Brody

Posted by iusbvision on September 3, 2010

It is so easy to get caught up in our tumultuous and dangerous times. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and look at some of the finer things in life such as arts and music.

D. Anson Brody grew up right here in Northern Indiana and is one of the most unique and talented guitar players in the world.

Not only is Brody an amazing bass player, he built a custom nine string guitar and here he is with it in action.

Here is a teaser from one of Brody’s upcoming video’s

This is just a tiny sample of Brody’s music. [Editor’s Note – I have seen Brody make music with a guitar that is mind-blowing and in styles that I have never seen anyone else come close to duplicating.]

For booking, tour dates, or album purchase please visit his web site at

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