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AWESOME VIDEO: Wafa Sultan on the status of women in Islam

Posted by iusbvision on September 19, 2010

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Pelosi’s and other House staffers stage Palin as “Nazi” rally

Posted by iusbvision on September 19, 2010

Your tax dollars at work?

A great scoop from Big

A video showing protesters outside an Americans For Prosperity event has surfaced on the internet. It shows the protestors with signs depicting Sarah Palin and Glenn beck with Hitler mustaches and the label “Naz-Tea Party” over their pictures. Also depicted as Hitler is GOP candidate Adam Kinzinger running against Rep. Debbie Halvorson (IL-D) in the 11th District in Illinois.


As protests go, it’s a bit limp and poorly attended, but the offensive and inflammatory signs certainly grab your attention. Especially considering the Democratic Party and the NAACP’s very high-profile condemnation of inflammatory signs that have appeared at Tea Party events.

What makes this video so compelling is what it shows after the protest. [IUSB Vision Editor’s Note: It shows the same protestors carrying those very same signs, going into the office of Democrat Congresswoman Debbie Halverson’s office, and look at whose other staffer is caught below] :

Once the scene breaks up, a handful of the protesters, including one gentleman in a striped shirt who is earlier seen leading the group in a chant, walk two blocks away and enter a well-lit office.


So well-lit that you can see them chatting and you can clearly make out their faces as the same people who had just participated in the protest.


The well-lit office happens to be Halvorson’s campaign headquarters. You can clearly see Halvorson’s campaign manager Julie Merz sitting in the window chuckling with the team as the wind-down after a long night of hanging out with people who like depicting the former Vice-Presidential candidate as a mass-murdering fascist.

We eagerly await Rep. Halvorson’s condemnation of the hate that was on display at this protest and we expect her to immediately purge from her staff any and all participants who readily accepted the depiction of Beck, Palin and Kinzinger as Adolph Hitler-Like Nazi’s.



We also ask the NAACP and Democratic leadership to condemn these “Astro-turf” protestors as hate-mongers and bigots for likening Ms. Palin to Hitler.

We’re sure Speaker Nancy Pelosi will want to investigate who was behind the funding for this event and the printing of those signs. We’re sure Ms. Pelosi won’t have any trouble getting that information, after all, Julie Merz – Rep. Halvorsen’s campaign manager who is depicted at the end of the video – was just recently the Deputy Director of Member Services on Ms. Pelosi’s staff.


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Donnelly Tries to Fool South Bend Tribune – Indicates He Might Not Vote for Pelosi as Speaker UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on September 19, 2010

This reasoning gets a tad complex but it is important that you follow it.

Joe Donnelly campaigned as a pro-life conservative Democrat, a brand that he violated almost from day one when he got in office. Now as a campaign strategy he is pretending to run against Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama whose agenda he well supported.

In his latest attempt to fool the local press and the public he now says that he may not support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker. This is pure nonsense.

First – Not even the Democrats expect to hold the House after 2010 so who he votes for as speaker will not matter. The Republicans will have the votes and Pence or Boehner will likely be speaker.

Second – In spite of what Pelosi says now before the election, with such a devesatating loss on her watch she is less likely to run for speaker.

Third – Rest assured if Pelosi runs to lead the Democrat Caucus she will win as she leads the fund raising from lobbyists and special interests for her caucus, much of that cash goes to committee chairs in the House and unless a member wants to be totally in the dog house and never see a piece of legislation get by committee said member will support who wins the caucus leadership vote,  the winner of which will run for Speaker on behalf of the Democrats.

Fourth – This leaves Donnelly with a choice, to vote for Pelosi if she runs, or vote for the Republican (Pence or Boehner). This effectively forces you to switch parties and become a Republican. This is a vote that almost always is a straight party line vote, not voting with your party on the Speaker vote effectively expells you from your party. Botton line, if Pelosi runs Donnelly is voting for her period.

Fifth – While Donnelly runs ads saying he is against the Obama/Pelosi agenda he supported he is taking millions from that same Democrat leadership, its PACS and largest donors. He owes them.

South Bend Tribune:

Rep. Donnelly wavers on Pelosi support

SOUTH BEND — U.S. Rep. Joe Donnelly has voted for Nancy Pelosi to be speaker of the House during both of his terms in Congress.

But Donnelly, D-Granger, also has distanced himself from the Democratic speaker in two of his campaign ads this year. One ad highlights his differences with party leaders on immigration policy — he says he doesn’t work for “the Washington crowd” — and another calls cap-and-trade legislation “Nancy Pelosi’s energy tax on Hoosier families.”

So will Donnelly vote for Pelosi to be speaker for another two-year term if he’s re-elected in November?
He was noncommittal when asked that question Friday.

Donnelly wouldn’t say he’ll support Pelosi again as speaker, but he didn’t rule out the possibility of voting for her either.

“Well, I don’t know who the choices are going to be. I’ll take a look at that at the time,” he said at the South Bend Fire Department Central Station during a breakfast to benefit the Community Oriented Policing Leadership Council.

“I don’t know if she’ll run for re-election (as speaker), I don’t know if there will be somebody else,” he said, “so I don’t want to make any pre-judgments on that issue.”

UPDATE – AP: Vulnerable House Democrats work to hide party ties

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Senator Jim DeMint to Tea Party: Washington can hear you now

Posted by iusbvision on September 19, 2010

             Previous – Is Jim DeMint the 2010 election season’s MVP?

Senator Jim DeMint via Washington Post:

Christine O’Donnell’s win on Tuesday may have shocked establishment politicians and the media, but it was no surprise for everyday Americans who have been struggling to get Washington’s attention.

On Sept. 12, 2009, millions of citizens rallied across the country. They gathered in the nation’s capital and other cities to convey a clear message: You work for us; we don’t work for you. Stop the bailouts, the takeovers, the debt and dependence.

For years, conservatives have been told that the only way to create a big-tent party was to support big-government candidates who were “electable,” rather than principled. History suggests otherwise. Majorities are built on principles, not the other way around.

When that big tent came to Washington last September, everyone in it was yelling that they wanted less government, not more. Democrats mocked these voters and tuned them out, but liberty-minded Republican candidates tuned them in. As a result, races that were once considered unwinnable have flipped from “safe Democrat” to “lean Republican” this election cycle.

Thanks to the grass roots, Republicans have a slate of candidates who believe in constitutional, limited government. We will balance the budget, repeal the unconstitutional health-care takeover, create a predictable tax and regulatory environment in which businesses can create jobs, and restore a sense of fairness to the economy. This platform stands in stark contrast to the Democrats’ record. They have racked up trillions in debt on bad legislative bets, picking winners and losers in almost every major market sector. Their policies created turmoil and uncertainty, not prosperity.

In 2006 and 2008, bailouts, bipartisan support for earmarks and big spending bills no one had read blurred the lines between the Republicans and Democrats. But after Barack Obama was elected president, Washington’s economic policies went from bad to worse. In a short time the Obama White House and the Pelosi-Reid Congress have made clear that they intend to push America to the left of Europe.

Americans quickly realized that if this country was going to survive, they needed to elect people who would respect, not ignore, the limits of government prescribed by the Constitution. I vowed to do all I could to help. The Senate Conservatives Fund, which I chair, was designed to do just that. I knew in my heart that the Republican Party could save this country if it could recruit more members to stand up for the principles of freedom.

It took a rough-and-tumble primary cycle to find enough people willing do it. Now it’s time to give the Democrats a heartbreaker election in November.

Obama’s honeymoon is over. None of his so-called legislative achievements lives up to its label. The trillion-dollar stimulus plan produced massive debt but few jobs. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act hasn’t made health care affordable. Instead, health insurance rates are rising. And the financial reform bill didn’t touch Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae — the government-controlled culprits of the financial meltdown that have tallied hundreds of billions in losses for taxpayers.

All of these programs were built on the flawed idea that the government, not the free market, could fix the economy. Democrats and their allies thought these programs would be so popular they would seal their lock on Washington for years to come. But Republicans who dared to challenge the policies are ahead in the polls.

Now the Senate’s most powerful Democrat is neck and neck with conservative Sharron Angle. Incumbent senators in the reliably Democratic states of Washington and Wisconsin are struggling to compete with common-sense candidates Dino Rossi and Ron Johnson, respectively. Folks such as Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania and Marco Rubio in Florida are headed to victory because they stood with the people against career politicians. This is happening across the country, from Alaska to Delaware.

These men and women are coming to Washington to join the fight, not the club. Their principles are clear: free-enterprise economics, limited government and individual liberty. These views are based on 200 years of American history and written into our founding documents.

Democrats have desperately called these new leaders “radical,” but Americans know what “radical” means after watching the Democrats run Washington.

Creating an entitlement program while the nation is $13 trillion in debt is radical. So is raising taxes while millions of Americans struggle to pay bills and find work. So is taking over the banks, auto companies, mortgage companies, the health-care system and the financial sector.

Americans have rallied against out-of-control government for two years. “Can you hear me now?” they yelled. Thankfully, a crop of common-sense conservative Republican candidates listened.

I’m praying for an earthquake election in November that will shake Washington to its core. I’m doing all I can to make it happen. And everyone who has been working toward this goal can be sure: All of Washington can hear you now.

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Man Who Introduced Obama at Concorde High School (Elkhart, IN) Now Sporting Glenn Beck T-Shirt! – UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on September 19, 2010

Via our friend Justin Graber

Ed Neufeldt w/ BBC Reporter

Ed Neufeldt w/ BBC Reporter

This gentleman, was the biggest surprise of the day. The BBC reporter standing next to him recognized him from when he pleaded from stage for support of the stimulus program when he INTRODUCED President Obama on his visit to Elkhart at Concord High School. That’s right folks, this formerly huge Obamanomics supporter is now sporting a Glenn Beck T-shirt!!!

Justin has an entire photo album of the local Glenn Beck event in Angola so take a look right HERE.

UPDATE Via Justin Graber:

His name is Ed Neufeldt. I believe it was the February 2009 visit from Obama. The one when he spoke at Concord High School. Ed was unemployed at the time, lost his job of nearly 30 years from Monaco Coach. Was a big Obama supporter at the time and Obama’s people liked his story and asked him to introduce the president. Ed did, and touted the stimulus plan in his intro.

The BBC reporter also covered the Obama visit and recognized the guy out of the crowd, greeting him with a “what are you doing here?” After I got wind of the story, we made some quick decisions and had Peter Heck introduce Ed to the crowd just before Glenn came on. The crowd went absolutely nuts giving Ed a standing ovation.

Elkhart Truth Reports:

Elkhart was referenced again on stage when, just before introducing Beck, the master of ceremonies held up a picture of Ed Neufeldt, the Wakarusa man who introduced Obama during the president’s February 2009 visit to Elkhart.

Neufeldt, at the time a laid-off RV worker who has since found employment, was in the crowd Saturday, the MC claimed, wearing a Beck T-shirt.


Be sure to get more news on this story at

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VIDEO: More Chris Christie Awesomeness!

Posted by iusbvision on September 19, 2010

Chris Christie  – “This is the crap I have to hear”

Chris Christie vs Obama and the public sector union machine. He also comments on Christine O’Donnell:

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AWESOME VIDEO: Christine O’Donnell and Newt Gingrich Blast “Elites” at FRC Summit

Posted by iusbvision on September 19, 2010

Politicians were at the Family Research Council’s summit to have their message heard. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich and Delaware Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell scored a home run with the audience.

O’Donnell – she gets it:

Newt Gingrich via the NYT:

“The person who arouses the most people on the day of the election and therefore wins the election on that day is the legitimate nominee of the people who election,” he said. He added that he believes “Senator Murkowski is fundamentally cheating” with her write-in campaign in Alaska and begging Mike Castle, who lost Delaware’s Republican primary to Christine O’Donnell Tuesday night, “to endorse Christine O’Donnell because she won fair and square in a process of representation.”

“Every person who cares about America’s future has an absolute obligation to work as hard as they can from now and election day this year and to work for the next two years to replace the elites with common sense, grass-roots Americans who at least understand the truth and who have the courage to act on the truth and who are not afraid to tell the truth,” Mr. Gingrich said. “And who are not afraid to take the heat from our elites who, by the way, if we win those two cycles, will no longer be the elites.”

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Posted by iusbvision on September 19, 2010

This post is a part of our new “LIES” category.

It is good to see getting it right, epecially in a tight race like this. Donnelly is risking it all with this dishonest smear campaign.  With that said sometimes really blows it so do not consider this post a complete endorsement of them.


A Democratic incumbent in Indiana falsely claims his Republican challenger wants to abolish the popular federal Pell Grant program for needy college students. Rep. Joe Donnelly, who is running for reelection in Indiana’s 2nd District, based his charge on a questionnaire Republican Jackie Walorski submitted to a conservative group. But that questionnaire doesn’t even mention the Pell Grant program.

The ad, titled “College,” first aired Sept. 9. It begins ominously: “Who will help your family afford college?”

The announcer responds: “Jackie Walorski wants to eliminate Pell Grants. The program that helps thousands of Hoosier families pay for college. Walorski would even abolish the entire Department of Education.”

But the Donnelly campaign uses faulty logic to reach its conclusion. The campaign points to the second and third items on a questionnaire Walorski submitted to the Independence Caucus, a conservative group known as iCaucus. Both questions are about federal regulation in areas including education. On the third question, Walorski answered “yes,” when asked if she would “commit to oppose the expansion and/or perpetuation of any and all EXISTING federal legislation and regulations in areas that are not constitutionally enumerated; and are therefore reserved as the exclusive province of the states, such as Education, Energy, Welfare, Labor issues, Non-Interstate roads, farm subsidies etc.” She also answered yes on the second question, regarding “PROPOSED legislation.”

Walorski’s vision of a smaller federal government may or may not include a federal Department of Education. Kristine Cassady, the executive director of iCaucus, told us in an e-mail that “the 2010 iCaucus questionnaire referred to in Mr. Donnelly’s recent television ad asks no questions regarding the Department of Education or Pell Grants.” That’s true about Pell Grants, but the questionnaire is broadly written and vague enough that Walorski’s views on abolishing the Department of Education are open to interpretation.

The Walorski campaign maintained that its candidate “has never said” that she wants to abolish the Department of Education. Still, she clearly has strong beliefs about what the Department of Education should and shouldn’t be doing. She gave a radio interview (begin at 2:10) to iCaucus, in which she said that “we don’t want the federal government coming in and mandating things … in areas like education, where the Constitution says … it’s the jobs of states to provide education.”

Even if Walorski wanted to eliminate the Department of Education — and there is no evidence of that — Donnelly jumps to a false conclusion that she would necessarily eliminate all the programs it currently administers.

In fact, question 38 of the questionnaire specifically asks about the future funding of “more than 240 education programs.” It doesn’t mention abolishing the programs. Instead, it asks: “Do you commit to support legislation establishing a mandatory Sunset Clause in all spending legislation that provides for its expiration on a specified date unless it is deliberately renewed?” Walorski said yes.

So, Walorski has said she believes that it is good policy to set a “sunset” date by which education programs would expire unless reauthorized. Would she vote to renew Pell Grants? We don’t know, and neither does the Donnelly campaign.

In an e-mail to us, Matthew Kirby, Walorski’s campaign manager, said: “Walorski has never said she wants to eliminate Pell Grants or abolish DoE, but will consider freezing discretionary spending and support an audit to determine where cuts can be made.”

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VIDEO: Sharron Angle Discusses Senate Race with Bret Baier on Fox News.

Posted by iusbvision on September 19, 2010

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Must Watch Video: Defeating the Obama Machine

Posted by iusbvision on September 19, 2010

From @politicalfables

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Is Jim DeMint the 2010 election season’s MVP?

Posted by iusbvision on September 19, 2010

UPDATE – Senator Jim DeMint to Tea Party: Washington can hear you now


Political Science students listen up….

The unclubbable Sen. Jim DeMint

By: Kenneth Y. Tomlinson

Examiner Contributor

September 12, 2010 Jim DeMint vividly recalls his first meeting with Marco Rubio two years ago when the youthful speaker of the Florida House came seeking his support for the U.S. Senate.

Rubio told how his Cuban refugee parents had worked hotel service jobs all their lives so he and his siblings could have a better life.

He spoke of his accomplishments in the Florida legislature (Americans for Tax Reform calls him “the most pro-taxpayer legislative leader in the country”), and unashamedly he explained the guiding force in his life was a commitment to freedom.

Why was Rubio asking help from South Carolina’s junior senator in his race for the Senate? Because no one from the National Republican Senatorial Committee would return his calls.

NRSC chairman John Cornyn of Texas had marshaled the backing of the GOP leadership behind Florida governor Charlie Crist—the career politician who just months before had hugged President Obama and embraced his massive stimulus bill.

In the days ahead, when DeMint began actively working on Rubio’s behalf, he was 30 points behind in the polls.

Earlier this year Rubio stood before thousands of cheering conservatives as the keynote speaker of the CPAC conference in Washington.

Now it was the young Cuban American who held a 30-point lead in the Republican primary polls as Crist prepared to abandon the GOP to run as an independent.

Turning to DeMint on the CPAC stage, Rubio said he would not be there without the help of the South Carolina senator. “He believed in me when .  .  . most of the people who believed in me lived in my house,” Rubio declared.

Rubio is not alone among Republican Senate candidates who owe gratitude to DeMint for helping them oust GOP establishment-backed politicians. In Pennsylvania, there is Pat Toomey, who effectively ended the career of liberal senator Arlen Specter.

In Utah it is conservative Mike Lee, who knocked off veteran senator Robert Bennett. In Colorado, Ken Buck; in Kentucky, Rand Paul. Depending on the strength of what appears to be the impending GOP sweep, DeMint may play an important role in the election of eight new Republican senators this fall.

DeMint is a modest man, and he always makes clear that he is by no means the only force behind the seismic shift of power in the Republican party this year.

But the story of DeMint’s battle against congressional earmarks, and then against his party’s leadership, has emerged as an important factor in the rise of GOP outsiders in this year’s Senate races. It could be a harbinger of a historic shift in American politics in the years ahead.

DeMint is a most unlikely political crusader. For the vast majority of his life, he had little interest in politics. “I’m a normal guy,” he says with the grin that often crosses his face.

He was a family man—a husband and father of four children. He owned a business in his native Greenville, S.C. He was a leader in his church. At various points he served on something like a dozen community boards because to him volunteerism was a way of life.

His profession was marketing, which led him to a career as a consultant. His clients included regional businesses, schools, and hospitals.

In his work, he came to see top-down bureaucracy as the enemy of organizational success. And what worked? Empowering front-line employees.

But time would prompt him to see Washington in the same way, as an increasingly bossy and centralized bureaucracy. Complex federal regulations and taxation and expanding government programs were changing America—creating a society of dependents. When DeMint speaks, you hear echoes of the long-ago anti-big government commentaries of Ronald Reagan.

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Name Caller in Chief David Brooks Sticks Foot in Mouth Again

Posted by iusbvision on September 19, 2010

David Brooks is the columnist that I refer too as “the name caller in chief” because like Meghan McCain, his columns often amount to a bunch of unsupported name calling. Before the comments zing me I know that David Frum is the same way.

David Brooks is the so-called “conservative” that the elite media goes to when they want someone to bash Republicans. Of course Brooks is not conservative by his own admission. This is not to say that Brooks does not occasionally have a column with some substance because he does…occasionally. Brooks and Frum do this name calling because the elites have a record that they cannot defend.

Our friend Patterico posting over at Hotair had a ball with David Brooks’ latest name calling spree and pointed out exactly what needed to be said (and be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post for an important update!):

David Brooks on the Tea Party:

Along the way, the movement has picked up some of the worst excesses of modern American culture: a narcissistic sense of victimization, an egomaniacal belief in one’s own rightness and purity, a willingness to distort the truth so that every conflict becomes a contest of pure good versus pure evil.

It’s good to know none of this applies to the Democrat party!

Narcissism? Brooks thinks the Tea Party suffers from it, but does not mention Obama. I guess Brooks thinks there’s no narcissism in Obama’s comparing his election to the fall of the Berlin Wall, or turning the White House into almost a shrine to himself, or reading a letter from someone who says she is going to be buried in an Obama T-shirt, or building an imperial stage for his nomination speech, or writing his autobiography years before being elected President.

Victimhood? Brooks thinks the Tea Party has it — but not Obama, who thinks people don’t like him because of his middle name, which his wife calls the “fear bomb”; or who plays the race card (I don’t “look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills”).

An egomaniacal belief in one’s own rightness and purity? Are you kidding me, David Brooks?

Obama humiliated the Supreme Court in front of the nation. He humiliated Netanyahu. He gives his opponents the finger (not once, not twice, but three times). He is haughty with opponents (even as Michelle assures us that he is never disagreeable).

A willingness to distort the truth so that every conflict becomes a contest of pure good versus pure evil? David Brooks, are you telling me that the Tea Partiers distort the truth, and President Obama doesn’t?

Let me list just a few examples, Mr. Brooks.

Obama claimed an aide filled out a questionnaire with extreme views, but his handwriting showed up on the form. He said he wouldn’t run for president in 2008 and then did. He ran a dishonest ad tying John McCain to Rush Limbaugh on the issue of immigration reform — and distorting Limbaugh’s quotes beyond all recognition in the process. He claimed McCain was “fueled” by money from lobbyists and PACs, when that actually accounted for only 1.7% of McCain’s money.

Obama flat-out lied about taking public financing — and he lied about why he didn’t do it, blaming it all on McCain when it was his own decision. Obama misstated the reason that he voted against a bill that would have required doctors to give medical attention to babies born alive after a botched abortion. Obama took money from oil companies and claimed he didn’t.

He inflated his role in the creation of the stimulus package. He was deceptive about McCain’s regulatory record.

Since being President, he has misrepresented job creation numbers; broken his promise to allow bills to be reviewed by the public before passage; broken his promise to have no lobbyists in the White House; broken his promise to close Gitmo (thank goodness), and has broken a whole host of other promises. He has lied about whether ObamaCare would cover illegals and a host of other things.

He asked people to send “fishy” online commentary about his health care plan to a special e-mail address: Sounds like someone making a list — but it’s all for the greater good, you see.

Obama has consistently demonized his opponents — including the Tea Partiers, the GOP, Fox News, BP and other oil companies, “bitter clingers” who won’t vote for him, Wall Street/banks and businesses, the rich (especially those who got bonuses), insurance companies during the health care debate, car companies, and anyone who opposes unions or him.

He called the Cambridge police “stupid”; has demonized insurance companies; gone after Rush Limbaugh; and recently declared war on John Boehner.demonized and blamed George W. Bush, do I?

I don’t really have to list all the ways he has

Yet according to David Brooks, the people who distort the truth and demonize opponents in an effort to paint themselves as the Good fighting the Evil are . . . the Tea Partiers.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the “conservative” at the New York Times could see a few logs in the opponents’ eyes, even as he whines about the mote in the eyes of the Tea Party?

Thanks to a reader who pointed me to the link, gave me considerable help in researching this, and listed all the people and groups Obama has demonized.


Indeed, we as well, and ironically the New York Times also pointed out Obama’s reversals, lies and outright whoppers in the campaign. So by all means lets add on to Patterico’s list of Obama’s early reversals, lies or whatever you wish to call them. Many of these posts feature the Obama vs. Obama video:

FACTCHECK.ORG: Obama is Lying About McCain’s Money and His Own

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Editor’s reaction to the speech – Open letter to President Obama.

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