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VIDEO: If You Like Chris Christie You Will LOVE Jackie Walorski!

Posted by iusbvision on September 22, 2010

Bold, fresh, and unafraid.

In case you don’t know who  Chris Christie is follow the link, bust out the popcorn and watch the videos. We need governors and legislators like Walorski and Christie (and maybe even a president)!

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John Kupiec for Congress Michigan 5th!

Posted by iusbvision on September 22, 2010

This is a very likable candidate.

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Oldest Trick In The Book: CREW Attacks, Democrats Pile On.

Posted by iusbvision on September 22, 2010

Attention Political Science Students.

You are about to get a lesson in partisan dirty tricks, and this one is just about the oldest one in the book.

CREW   – “Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington” calls itself a “watchdog group” and that is usually how the elite media describes them. They make a big media splash accusing people of ethical and legal lapses…but… and wow is there a but.. 

CREW is a partisan hit team and always has been. Here is their M.O.. They pick nine or ten republicans to target, many are political leaders or members in swing districts; and they pick one or two Democrats in districts that are so safe that they have little chance of being voted out. CREW knows that the complaint against the Democrats will be glossed over by the elite media and at the same time the Republicans will get piled upon.

CREW will file FEC complains and ask the Justice Department to launch an “investigation”. It makes the papers for the weeks coming up to an important election and then, years later the charges are dropped or said person is cleared. Of course by then all is forgotten and CREW is off to the next set of Republicans to smear.

CREW went after our own Chris Chocola and implied impropriety because Jack Abramoff sent him a campaign donation, of course that guy sent lots of members donations including Democrats but is that who CREW regularly highlights? Of course not. Of course Chocola did nothing wrong at all. CREW and some partisans at the Department of Justice went after GOP House Leader Tom DeLay for his so-called “Abramoff connection” (how marvelously vague). Delay was tremendously effective and the House Republicans lost their way when he had to step down from the leadership which resulted in the 2006-2008 losses. You see Republicans have much tighter ethics rules for their members. If a Republican is accused of wrongdoing he must step down from that leadership role. Democrats have no such rule.

Of course the press makes little out of the fact that said victims of this abuse are cleared:

Tom DeLay Cleared — N.Y. Times Puts the Story on Page A-18 (Behind Organic Golf Courses)

Of course just weeks before the general election CREW is going after tea party candidate Christine O’Donnell.

Read carefully


O’Donnell camp fights back

WILMINGTON, Delaware (CNN) – Christine O’Donnell’s Senate campaign is pushing back hard on allegations that she misused election funds by putting them to private use. Leading the counter-offensive is Cleta Mitchell, an attorney and an expert in campaign finance law, who was just retained by the O’Donnell campaign to deal with the allegations.

In an interview with CNN, Mitchell responded to a complaint against O’Donnell filed this week by the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. The group, known as CREW, accuses O’Donnell of spending roughly $20,000 from her failed 2008 campaign for the Senate for personal expenses.

“That is not true,” Mitchell told CNN. She accused CREW and its executive director, Melanie Sloan, of libeling O’Donnell and said the campaign is considering a lawsuit against the group.

“She has committed libel per se, slander per se by calling my client names… I’ve looked at lots of campaign FEC (Federal Election Commission) reports. And the things she (Sloan) is saying are simply not true,” Mitchell said in the interview.

Sloan has called O’Donnell “a criminal” and “a crook,” in accusing the candidate of tax evasion and a host of other financial improprieties.

Central to the allegations are claims that O’Donnell used 2008 campaign money to pay rent, to buy food and gasoline and even for a bowling outing. CREW says those expenditures occurred in 2009 and early 2010 when, the group says, O’Donnell had no active campaign.

“She did have a campaign because she had gone from running in 2008 to running in 2010,” Mitchell told CNN Tuesday. “She was already running… she moved from one campaign to another and frankly the campaign headquarters was in her home – that’s not unusual.”

For her part, Sloan denies allegations her group is politically biased and says it is acting on information provided to it by a former O’Donnell campaign official.

“We’ve added up what we think is over $20,000 in expenses that were improper, that were money she used – campaign funds put to personal use. But it’s really hard to say, because there’s been no audit of her campaign. The fact is, once you start seeing this trend … the odds are there are many more expenses that we don’t know about,” Sloan told CNN in an interview.

Campaign officials are upset that the CREW complaint is getting so much press.

“You see, what the problem with Melanie Sloan and FEC complaints is you get to make big headlines, with lots of allegations and two or three years later, when they’re dismissed as being baseless, there’s no press. And so Melanie Sloan waited until Christine O’Donnell won the Republican nomination and less than a week later files a complaint that she’s obviously had for a long time, just ready to go,” Mitchell said.


Food and gasoline for a bowling outing.. from her house…. in between campaigns..? And this makes national news? Ok have we maxed out the silly meter yet?

This is how CREW and the politics of prosecution work. When called on their partisan smears, and what is so obvious and known by virtually everyone in the beltway; CREW and the press will wipe their feet on how they criticized a Democrats like Gary Meeks who have almost no chance of facing even a tough election.

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Media-Union Collusion: SEIU Spokesman Caught on Tape Bragging About How Local News Does Labor’s Partisan Bidding

Posted by iusbvision on September 22, 2010

Via Andrew Brietbart:

John-david Morgan, a lobbyist and spokesman for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1, was caught on tape bragging about how his union works with local news outlets to push stories that make Republican Gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker look bad.

Morgan had no idea that the person he was talking to outside a Milwaukee bar was a Walker campaign aide with an iPhone voice recorder app.

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Most Important Video You May Ever See – Glenn Beck on Obama’s “Fundamental Transformation” of Government.

Posted by iusbvision on September 22, 2010

The first few minutes start off slow and then gets totally substantive. If you want to know what is going on this video is a must see.

Watch every minute of this video.

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