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Democrats Shut Down American Light Bulb Factories

Posted by iusbvision on September 23, 2010

General Electric is closing its last incandescent light bulb factory in the U.S. to comply with the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. Representative Joe Barton of Texas is pushing to repeal the act and says that the government is mandating consumer behavior since the bulbs will no longer be available for purchase by 2014.

The bulbs they are mandating are much more expensive and have so much murcury in them that they are a threat to pets and children. They are made in China etc now…

Some people in Congress had to get paid for this little provision….

2 Responses to “Democrats Shut Down American Light Bulb Factories”

  1. Paul Geer said

    This reminds me of the R12 refrigerant phase out. The last time I heard, you can still by R12 from Mexico for automotive use. Some refrigerant dealers can get it for you. The problem is it has a higher than normal moister content for refrigeration use like you need for a deep freeze system. You can use it for A/C since the evaporator is above freezing 45 degrees Fahrenheit, however will shorten the life of the compressor.

    Although It sounds like a phase out incandescent lamps for home use, commercially incandescent lamps will remain where they are needed where florescent lamps can’t do the job. Let’s say just for example; overhead projectors and some computer video projectors.

    But getting back to florescent lighting… The helical “curly” lamps are no more then wound up florescent lamps. Similar to your 4 foot 40watt lamps you find everywhere today. Some time ago a newer 34watt version was produced to “save” energy and these lamps have less mercury content. If you buy the Phillips brand lamps they have green end caps, while other may in green writing, “Energy Saver” and the lamp’s name like FT1234WW or FT834WW for example.

    I had to laugh When I heard the idea of calling a has-mat team to “clean-up” a broken curly lamp since they contain LESS mercury compared to their bigger brother T1234s, and the skinnier T834s with even less mercury content. The curly lamp containing less mercury of all. The best part of this is, the “green” florescent lamps you can just throw in the trash because of the lower mercury content compared to the old full 40 watt 4 foot florescent lamps.

    Although I do get a kick out of government “science”, it also reminds me once again how ignorant the people running the government are and how much do-do we are in as a country.

  2. smabo said

    this guy has helped send tens of thousands of GE research and developement and manufacturing jobs, has championed Carley Fiorina and Hewlett Packart rolling into third world donkey dump cities and eliminating ten thousand american manufacturing jobs. The only interest this king of the dung hill is protecting are the special entrepenurial interests of the slave holding foreign corporations who help finance this dung beetle’s political campaigns. he’s just another cheap skank who doesn’t give a flying crap about middle class america.

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