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Dr. Adams: I’ve been exposing university administrators for their petty retaliation against conservative speech and their dishonesty for years

Posted by iusbvision on September 29, 2010

A great interview with Dr. Mike Adams in Human Events. Adams teaches at UNC. The university administration and other intolerant left wing academics have been trying to censor and retaliate against him for years.

Dr. Mike Adams

Tell me about the moment you decided to enter the political arena.

ADAMS: It was right after 9/11. A Communist former student of mine threatened to sue me for libel over a difference of political opinion. I told her the Constitution protected her speech just as it had protected “bigoted,” “unintelligent,” and “immature” speech for many years. She cried to her mommy, who was also a commie. And she was also an administrator at my university. Her mommy the commie convinced the administration to read some of my private emails in retaliation because she said her daughter felt “offended” and “berated” by my opinions. I guess they don’t make Communists like they used to.

I took the story to the national press and was featured on Rush Limbaugh, The Hannity & The Other Guy Show, and Neal Boortz. In response, my university lied to the national press about reading my private emails. They got caught lying about it and, let’s just say, they ticked off the wrong cowboy. I’ve been exposing university administrators for their petty retaliation against conservative speech and their dishonesty for years. I’ve written two books and 650 nationally published columns about it. I have spoken at 65 different universities about it. I use the proceeds from every speech to buy guns and ammunition, which angers my opponents even more.

And I plan to continue to speak out about liberal hypocrisy and censorship until I die. It will take a bullet in the head to stop me. Thankfully, the liberals I write about don’t have guns. They don’t even have stones.

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Reminder: Big Business Loves Big Government (especially Democrats)

Posted by iusbvision on September 29, 2010

In the 2008 election big business, bankers and Wall Street etc overwhelmingly supported Obama and the Democrats. Goldman Sachs guys and lobbyists are all over the White House. In fact after making promises to reign in the corporate lobbyists, Obama and the Democrats relaxed the restrictions on them.

The truth is that Big Business loves big government, because the regulations they influence and the taxes Democrats pass turns the small to medium sized business competition into no competition.

Republicans are the party of small business and the people they employ which is the majority of workers. Republicans dont get massive donations filtered through George Soros and the Tides Foundation to countless PACS and 527’s like the Democrats do. The majority of donations to Republicans are in individual donations of $200 or less. There facts are easily verified by public records.

Examine the proof in the following 2 links –

Corruption You Can Believe In: Failed Sub Primes and Mortgage Fraud Lenders Funneled Money to Dodd & Obama the Most. Fannie & Freddie Gave $200 Million to Partisans-Most Went to Democrats! Dodd, Obama Among Top Recipients. Republicans Attempted to Pass Reforms-Blocked by Democrat Leadership!


Democrats put language in the ‘Stimulus Bill’ to protect AIG executive bonuses. Dodd and Obama were the number one recipients of money from AIG. Distraction in full swing & Congress’ plan to tax the bonuses at 100% wont pass constitutional muster. – UPDATE: Shep Smith goes off on Congress.

Be sure to also see  crony capitalism and our corporatism and corruption category. And don’t forget – Corruption: Most Stimulus Funds Spent in Democrat Districts…

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Christine O’Donnell Mailer Outing Chris Coons Record

Posted by iusbvision on September 29, 2010

Coons is like so many politicians that we have seen from both parties that campaign one way and the very first day after they take office they turn their back on the promises they made to the voters and abandon the brand they campaigned on. Of course we have our own Joe Donnelly as an example of that as he voted for most of the nonsense he said he would protect us against. Now that Donnelly is facing the voters once again he tells us he is against the Obama/Pelosi agenda that he voted for WHILE taking millions from that very same Democratic leadership, their PACS and their donors.  Gimme a break.

Of course leading up to the 2006 election the Republicans strayed away from their promises and their brand and the voters threw most of the offenders out of office and now the Tea Party is defeating many of the few wayward Republicans that remained. The vast majority of the Republican Party that is in office or politically active is new blood who has had enough of the broken promises. Christine O’Donnell, Joe Miller, Marco Rubio and our own Jackie Walorski and Marlin Stutzman are Tea Party approved new blood candidates.

Christine O'Donnell

While the elite media launches all these “investigations” to “expose” her and the Democrats launch a series of personal attack ads that have nothing to do with the issues, O’Donnell is staying squarely focused on the record. Notice how the elite media has no interest in reporting about Coons record or go through his personal life and invent a bunch of distortions like they are doing to O’Donnell and they did to Palin. It is just how the elite media ignored Obama’s record in Illinois and his radical and some criminal personal associations leaving a couple of guys at Fox and National Review to look at his record. For example how many people on the street know that Obama was a chairman of the Blagojevich re-election campaign? Yet it is widely reported that O’Donnell dabbled in Wicca in HIGH SCHOOL before she became a Christian and Joe the Plumber only had an apprentice plumbing license. Gimme a break. This is why ALL of these candidates need YOUR financial support now because they are being outspent and attacked by the elite media.

O’Donnell Comments:

Delaware can’t afford any more of my opponent’s broken promises, and double digit tax increases. America needs her leaders to demonstrate the political courage to actually cut spending.

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The Dead Still Vote in Indiana, Massachusetts and Florida. Obama Admin Refuses to Enforce Voting Integrity Laws

Posted by iusbvision on September 29, 2010

Department of Justice Voter section states it has no intention of enforcing vote list maintenance laws. Welcome to Chicago…

Via RedState:

There are 116,000 dead eligible voters in Massachusetts.  And in Florida, one major newspaper recently investigated and reported that almost 15,000 dead Floridians are still hanging around on the election rolls – just six weeks before one of the most vicious and important election cycles in our history.  Can it be the sun?  Most States have similar statistics.  Every two years, states must report to the federal Election Assistance Commission (EAC) information about the integrity and accuracy of their voter rolls.  The latest report is not good news for our democracy – or our international reputation. South Dakota, Texas, Kentucky, Mississippi and Indiana report in excess of a dozen counties with more registered voters than breathing human beings old enough to vote.  West Virginia, Maryland, Iowa and North Carolina also reported having eligible deceased voters on their rolls.  The list goes on and on.  And so does the real risk that these voters will have illegal votes registered in their names.  Close races, like the Franken/Coleman race in Minnesota can be decided on just a handful of votes.  We may have to go to purple thumbprints at this rate.  Hugo Chavez must be howling at this American disgrace.

Democrats seem to be suspiciously inept at cleaning out the rolls.  The Ohio Secretary of State is not at all anxious about the fact that nearly 5,800 departed Ohioans are still registered to vote.  A partisan Democrat, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is more concerned about the living – Spanish speaking only voters.  She has cooperated with the Department of Justice to force Cuyahoga County to spend $500,000 on bilingual ballots to accommodate about 6,000 non-English speakers.

In November, 2009 political appointee Julie Fernandes reportedly told the entire assembled Department of Justice Voting Section that the Obama Administration would not enforce the list maintenance legal requirements of Section 8 of the  National Voter Registration Act.  Fernandes reportedly said, “we do not have any interest in enforcing that part of the law.”


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Frank Luntz poll group in Florida shows how uninformed some voters are.

Posted by iusbvision on September 29, 2010

This video is painful but a must see.

Clearly only a couple of the people in that room of voters are informed with a respectable level of substance. The rest seem wildly emotional with few if any facts to back them up and that includes some of them who are on the traditionalist side.

This tells us that the elite media has failed miserably to inform these people. It may also be a reflection how bad our public schools have become. See this example from Jay Leno (and notice even the young college professor could not answer the questions):

On the bright side, survey’s from Rasmussen and others have shown a great awakening in knowledge of a large segment of American voters (most of whom are independents and cross pressured voters), but there is still a great deal of work to do.

MORE – Steven Crowder on the street asks “Who is the Vice President?”

This video is priceless. This is Steven Crowder conducting the now famous Berkeley interview. Keep in mind that UC Berkeley is rated as the #1 Public School in the Country.

By the way for those of you who didn’t get it in the video when he asks the question about the now expired so-called “Assault Weapon Ban”. The assault weapon ban had nothing to do with machine guns and never did and semi-automatics he refers to aren’t machine guns at all, they shoot one bullet with each pull of the trigger like most guns built since 1900. The fact is that anyone can buy a machine gun provide that they can pass a background check and pay the tax. That law has not changed since 1934.

If you think that this is not typical or was rigged, there is empirical evidence to support this right HERE.

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Communist Party and other radical groups organizing for October D.C. Rallies

Posted by iusbvision on September 29, 2010

Besides the Communist Party……Democratic Socialists for America, SEIU, Green for All (founded by self described communist revolutionary and former Obama advisor Van Jones), NOW, Code Pink, Planned Parenthood, La Raza (The Race), International Answer/Workers World Party, Grey Panthers, Courage Campaign (, Solidarity (revolutionary socialist group), Jeremiah Wright’s Church, Student Action Labor Project (SLAP),…

But wait theres more!

International Socialist Organization:

The ISO stands in the tradition of revolutionary socialists Karl Marx, V.I. Lenin and Leon Trotsky in the belief that workers themselves–the vast majority of the population–are the only force that can lead the fight to win a socialist society.

Organizing for America AKA is also pushing this rally. So why is the White House associating itself with the list of fringe extremists above, several of whom advocate violence? Where is the elite media investigating and exposing these clowns like the investigation they did on those involved with the Glenn Beck Rally?

Glenn Beck shows you much of the list of co-sponsors

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