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Christine O’Donnell Mailer Outing Chris Coons Record

Posted by iusbvision on September 29, 2010

Coons is like so many politicians that we have seen from both parties that campaign one way and the very first day after they take office they turn their back on the promises they made to the voters and abandon the brand they campaigned on. Of course we have our own Joe Donnelly as an example of that as he voted for most of the nonsense he said he would protect us against. Now that Donnelly is facing the voters once again he tells us he is against the Obama/Pelosi agenda that he voted for WHILE taking millions from that very same Democratic leadership, their PACS and their donors.  Gimme a break.

Of course leading up to the 2006 election the Republicans strayed away from their promises and their brand and the voters threw most of the offenders out of office and now the Tea Party is defeating many of the few wayward Republicans that remained. The vast majority of the Republican Party that is in office or politically active is new blood who has had enough of the broken promises. Christine O’Donnell, Joe Miller, Marco Rubio and our own Jackie Walorski and Marlin Stutzman are Tea Party approved new blood candidates.

Christine O'Donnell

While the elite media launches all these “investigations” to “expose” her and the Democrats launch a series of personal attack ads that have nothing to do with the issues, O’Donnell is staying squarely focused on the record. Notice how the elite media has no interest in reporting about Coons record or go through his personal life and invent a bunch of distortions like they are doing to O’Donnell and they did to Palin. It is just how the elite media ignored Obama’s record in Illinois and his radical and some criminal personal associations leaving a couple of guys at Fox and National Review to look at his record. For example how many people on the street know that Obama was a chairman of the Blagojevich re-election campaign? Yet it is widely reported that O’Donnell dabbled in Wicca in HIGH SCHOOL before she became a Christian and Joe the Plumber only had an apprentice plumbing license. Gimme a break. This is why ALL of these candidates need YOUR financial support now because they are being outspent and attacked by the elite media.

O’Donnell Comments:

Delaware can’t afford any more of my opponent’s broken promises, and double digit tax increases. America needs her leaders to demonstrate the political courage to actually cut spending.

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