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AWESOME VIDEO: Best Moments of GOP Leader John Boehner

Posted by iusbvision on September 30, 2010

This is great stuff. Trust me you will want to watch every moment, you will be cheering and clapping.

Boehner goes nuclear when he finds out that language was illegally inserted into the bill giving the AIG execs big bonuses with our money. You see they were big contributors to Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT)

Democrats break transparency promise again;  Boehner chews out Henry Waxman for dropping a 300 page amendment to energy tax bill in the hopper at 3:09 am (so that no one could read it).

Here we are with an 1,100 pages that not one member has read this not one! When happened to the promise that we were going to let the American people see what was in this bill?!

John Boehner: Can you say this was done openly, with transparency and accountability, without backroom deals and struck behind closed doors hidden from the people? HELL NO YOU CAN’T!

This is the must see video of the year. It is the greatest speech in the well I have ever seen.

Interesting how the Democrats start to say yes when Boehner asks if they even read the bill when everyone knows that the final version of the 2000 page bill was only put out a short time before the vote was taken.


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