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Arrest of Peaceful Pro-Life Students at Carleton University – UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on October 5, 2010

Adam Kissel at FIRE is contacting the Canadian Constitution Society so perhaps they can provide legal assistance.

This is what is even more interesting. The bright young lady who is standing up for all of our rights reads verbatim the law and the university free speech policy. You can tell by what the officer says that he has no idea what the law and the case law states. Even after it is read to him he still doesn’t get it; or the Ottawa Police does know what the law is and simply doesn’t care care about the law or human rights.

The university will very likely face a lawsuit. I am not familiar with the immunity laws in Canada but if I had my way the Ottawa Police Department and the individual officers should also be sued for damages. If you are not familiar with basic human rights laws that you take an oath to protect then you are at fault.

Interesting how an officer claims that the university is private property. It is not private property and is in fact government funded and they say so on their own web site.

By the end of the 1960s, Carleton, like other universities in the province, had become a provincial institution, relying on provincial grants to cover its operating and its capital costs. One consequence was that the regulations governing these grants often shaped university planning.

Who is this heroic young lady who stood up for both her rights and yours against these lawbreakers? She deserves a medal and a fat legal defense fund. She is a hero. “When Injustice becomes Law, Resistance becomes Duty.”  – Thomas Jefferson

Here is the university contact information:

Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K1S 5B6 Canada
Telephone: 613-520-7400

Here is the contact information for their alumni office. Perhaps someone should let the alumni know that the administrators flagrantly violate the university code and Canadian Law.


I am Ruth Lobo, the girl you are speaking about. I wanted to thank you for your solidarity! We are in the midst of fundraising for our legal defense fund..Please could you encourage people to donate:


UPDATE II – Carleton University Admits Pro-Life Students Arrested for Trespassing because of Content of Message

This is a direct human rights violation.

Life Site News:

OTTAWA, Ontario, October 7, 2010 ( – While Carleton University said earlier this week that it had five pro-life students arrested mainly because they had set up a display in an area on campus that the university claimed was “not normally permitted” for displays, a university representative today told that the real issue was “the nature of the content.”

The students – four from Carleton and one from Queen’s University – were arrested around 9:00 a.m. Monday as they were preparing to set up the Genocide Awareness Project, which compares abortion to past atrocities through graphic imagery, in the university’s Tory Quad.  They had been denied that central outdoor location and told to set it up in Porter Hall, a room the students described as out of the way.

Carleton’s director of communications Jason MacDonald told media Monday, in comments published by major media such as the National Post, that the group was denied the space because “student groups are not normally permitted use of the Quad for displays.”  He stated that, “in addition,” there were concerns about the content of the group’s display.

Today, however, the student group issued a press release saying that Carleton was “misleading the public” by suggesting that the pro-life students were asking for special treatment in the use of the public area.

In the release, club president Ruth Lobo said she found it appalling the university would “mislead the public by making the arrest look like we violated university policy instead of what it really was: that Carleton censors opinions on campus thereby violating their own policy of academic freedom.”

When LifeSiteNews questioned MacDonald on his previous remarks, he admitted, “The real issue was the nature of the content.”


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