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Reminder # 4,688,324 of why people don’t trust the elite media…

Posted by iusbvision on October 20, 2010


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Progressivism Unrestrained: Detroit building “train to nowhere”

Posted by iusbvision on October 20, 2010

The latest on our series on Detroit where far left progressive Democrats can do pretty much anything they want.

Detroit is the poster child for the Reaganism “The more the planners plans fail the more the planners plan”

Thanks to Reason Magazine for the video.

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test post

Posted by iusbvision on October 20, 2010

I am testing some new video code

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France shows us how well socialism works

Posted by iusbvision on October 20, 2010

…especially as it starts to go broke.

According to the BBC UK the new British government is cutting half a million jobs from the public sector and raising the retirement age. England was closer to the edge of collapse than we are now, but this Congress is doing its best to play catch up with still continued massive borrowing, spending and Federal Reserve printing. Britain also reforming welfare in two important ways. The first is that most welfare programs will be merged into a single benefit as this will help cut down the bureaucracy. The second reform is that no one on welfare will get more in benefits than the average working family with the exceptions of the disabled, veterans and war widows.

Britain had to take these steps as they are on the brink of fiscal collapse. In France the communists are more numerous and more violent.

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