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The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. – Vladimir Lenin

Flashback White House Communications Director: The political philosopher she turns to most is the greatest mass murderer in world history

Posted by iusbvision on October 24, 2010

In school they teach about Hitler, because he was a leftist who opposed communism (based on an ideological quirk) and  he started WWII, but public schools do not teach much about communist mass murderers such as Mao – 70 million dead, Stalin  35-50 million dead, and Pol Pot 2-3 million dead. As they say in France, “no enemies on the left”.

Anita Dunn resigned from the White House shortly after Beck called her out. Her husband currently works for the administration.

Interestingly enough she was not the only White House appointee who praised Mao.

So who is Ron Bloom? Jammie Wearing Fool wrote this about the former SEIU negotiator who is now Obama’s “Manufacturing Czar” (via Gateway Pundit):

The name Ron Bloom is one that we need to start paying attention to. He has a long history of being the negotiating face of unions in a suit. He is a Harvard Business School graduate who has worked for the unions beginning with SEIU for decades.The most recent union he represented was the United Steel Workers (USW) before becoming a part of the automotive team that Obama put together. You know the one that had the head Steven Rattner having to resign over some questions about his personal finances mixed in with a little fraudulent money gifts.Rattner was replaced by Ron Bloom, and voila the United Auto Workers (UAW), got a sweetheart deal backed up by the power of the federal government to try and stave off bankruptcy.

So let me ask you, is it likely that these people were radicalized before they graduated high school, or did it happen at college?


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