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The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. – Vladimir Lenin

Live Blogging Walorski – Donnelly Debate – UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on October 27, 2010

Mr. Vogel, who was the libertarian candidate, is correct about the government and the Federal Reserve inflating the currency which acts like a hidden tax upon us all.

Joe is slow and smooth in his presentation which is better for a radio audience,  but wow he looked awful on TV. Jackie looked great. Joe was put in the position of defending the stimulus and the ObamaCare bill, which is good for Jackie. Joe was smart to talk about a few of the large corporations with operations in this district who benefited from some of this government largess; but as Jackie said at the cost of over $11,000 for every man woman and child in Indiana? How much of that $11,000 was eaten up by government bureaucrats?

Remember government spends money for political reasons and not economic ones – see the following link:

Corruption: Stimulus Funds Spent in Democrat Districts…

Of course, what is the biggest thing that sends jobs overseas, a government that costs $3 TRILLION a year. The private sector cannot support that kind of a burden and remain competitive. It is just that simple.

6 – Jackie is right about Joe Donnelly’s lies about her position on Social Security and her position about a possible solution for replacing the tax code with a flat tax or a fair tax., newspapers and the left leaning Associated Press all said that Donnelly’s ads attacking Jackie are just plain false. You can see the details at the following two links –

5 – Jackie is right on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”. Judges have no business deciding this issue. The Constitution gives Congress exclusive power to create laws for the Army and the Navy. For some whacky judge to decide that he can toss the Constitution out the window shows that we have too many judges who recognize no limits on their power and refuse to recognize the limits of their office.

4 – Joe says that he supports “The Save Act” to put more agents on the border. Ummm hey Joe, Congress passed laws to put more agents there and put up some modern fence that is difficult to penetrate. The Obama Administration would not execute the law and stopped building the fence. – So Joe, you can talk about all the tough laws and tough enforcement all you like as a member of Congress, but at the same time you support an administration that will not carry out the laws and undermines that very enforcement. – So as usual you are securely on both sides on the issue.

3 – Joe – on energy independence UMM Joe that is why you support an administration that is keeping trillions in oil, natural gas and mineral wealth off-limits while we burrow money to get energy from OPEC. Obama is trying to shut down drilling for our companies, while his administration gave BP waiver after waiver, and while the Obama Administration is giving low cost loans to PetroBrazil to do even deeper offshore drilling than we have done. Gimme a break Joe.

2 – Donnelly said that ObamaCare will put healthcare back in OUR hands – Who is the “OUR” Joe; the federal government? It creates thousands of health care bureaucrats, it will result in 16,000 new IRS agents. It taxes health savings accounts, it prevents people from using HSA’s from using those funds to buy certain medicines, it taxes medical devices which means lost Hoosier jobs [we have a great many companies that make medicines and medical devices in this district and those companies provide many thousands of jobs to people who live right here with us. If you are listening to 95.3 radio that was me who said that Joe broke the cardinal rule of being a member of Congress; you don’t vote to stick it to the biggest employers in your home district and Joe did just that], it taxes the medicines we use, it taxes many insurance policies, it put the shaft to many Medicare Advantage providers. Name me the bloated federal bureaucracy who put power into YOUR hands and didn’t have lobbyists and big money interests bending the rules or enforcement to their own benefit at your expense?

McDonald’s had to beg the feds for a waiver or stop giving its employees low-cost medical insurance, well who is going to give our small and medium-sized business who can’t afford a lobbyist to spread the cash to their waver?

1 – Great answer on unemployment Jackie, we can’t really have the conversation as to when to end unemployment benefits arbitrarily until we get regulatory certainty and have an environment where 200 people aren’t applying for each good paying job. Folks you heard Donnelly’s answer, he wants to end benefits on a certain date no matter what the circumstance…. this will cause chaos. Jackie is right, it was the federal government that created this uncertainty problem to begin with and only a BIG policy change can help restore certainty so people can plan to invest and hire once again. [Update – There are nearly 1.5 million people approaching the 99 week mark for unemployment. At current “totally awesome private sector job growth” that Obama keeps toting we will be able to rehire them all in 2021. Unemployment offices are now reported to be hiring armed guards in anticipation of what is to come.]


One Response to “Live Blogging Walorski – Donnelly Debate – UPDATED!”

  1. Jarrod Brigham said

    I saw the debate last night and unfortunately I don’t believe that Jackie Walorski did enough to tie Joe Donnelly to Nancy Pelosi. There was so much talk about Healthcare and Jackie and Mark both missed golden opportunities to ask Joe why he voted for a bill that he did not read. She made a few points about him being a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi, but that should have been hammered home over and over again.

    I really liked Mark Vogel’s answers on some of the questions. It was great to see him continually talk about how legislation crushes the business environment. You could tell he was obviously nervous, which is understandable. I very much disagree with his position on Israel though. We should be, as Jackie said, “unapologetic in our support for Israel”.

    I don’t think Joe Donnelly had any breakdown gaffs last night and as such, I don’t think he lost the election last night. The last poll I saw had him up by 7 points. I hope Jackie has something left up her sleeve because as of right now, I don’t think Joe Donnelly is going to lose.

    Unless the people of the district understand that a vote for Joe Donnelly is a vote for Nancy Pelosi as house speaker, he will not lose this election.

    [I agree on the Pelosi part, Jackie referred to her as Joe and “The Speaker” but she should have named Pelosi outright. Jackie may have been a tad nervous too. – Chuck]

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