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Democrat Governor Candidate Alex Sink Caught Lying About Cheating in Televised Debate … by CNN

Posted by iusbvision on October 28, 2010

Wow, I am mildly surprised that CNN didn’t bury this, but this story is HUGE and CNN is desperate for ratings at the moment.

In short, Florida Governor Candidate Alex Sink was handed a PDA with debate tips on it during the middle of a debate. This is totally against the rules. Her story is that she was told that it was an “urgent message” as if it was from family:

CNN amplified the audio and picked up the conversation about what was on the PDA and it was, of course, debate tips from her staff. Sink knew it was debate tips and she used the debate tips in the debate. Bottom line, Sink lied and is caught red handed.

While we have scolded CNN several times for taking journalistic ethics and tossing them out the window, this was a solid piece of journalism and CNN gets the credit.


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