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Michele Bachmann shows how a good campaign commercial should be done

Posted by iusbvision on October 28, 2010

This is a very good commercial. It lets the voters see their candidate as they are as opposed to seeing their candidate in a staged dramatic scene (like the candidate wearing a construction hat, pointing at something off-screen that isn’t there and nodding). The candidate is explaining herself directly. Voters like to feel as if they have a dialog and a relationship with their Member of Congress and this ad is a good step in that direction.

Still, I would have been a tad more hard hitting with the substance and said something like, “Minnesota voters and small businesses know that our economy just can’t support a government that costs $3 Trillion dollars a year”.

Voters are paying attention to the issues more closely than before and independent swing voters have educated themselves (see Rasmussen and Gallup) to a level not seen in my memory so more substantive commercials are in order.  In some races there is too much of a tendency to get too cute by a half in the ads. This can generate recoil that can hurt a candidate, just ask Grayson in Florida.

All in all this is a great ad.

Communications pro’s know that in large part that, “The medium is the message”. People see the ads on TV and when you hear them speak they say “I am so sick of the negative TV ads” or they say “I am so sick of the ads on TV” and that is because so many TV ads are too similar in one way or another.

In this Bachmann ad the medium is not the TV or the “boob tube” it is Michele. People see the first few seconds of the ad and think, “Hey there is Michele”  and they don’t think “oh crap its another one of those TV ads” and reach for the mute button. Mark Souder’s radio ads were very effective because it was just Mark talking to you like you were an adult. They were very effective (just ask his opponent from 2008 – I did). Governor Christie in New Jersey has a similar communications strategy.

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  1. […] in more direct and substantive way to articulate the truth. Look at the ads by Allen West and Michele Bachman and even the radio ads by former Congressman Mark Souder, they were tremendously effective. Look at […]

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