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Endorsements 2010

Posted by iusbvision on November 1, 2010

Dan Coats is going to blow out Democrat Congressman Ellsworth for Indiana U. S. Senate. The polls are not close.

Jackie Walorski is clearly the better choice as Joe Donnelly has ran a campaign of smears and lies against Jackie. The Associated Press, and other watchdog groups and media outlets have blasted Donnelly for dishonest ads. Even Democrat Party Chairman Tim Cain said that Donnelly is running away from who he is (click HERE for video).  When you cannot defend your record sling mud and that is exactly what has happened in this race.

Jackie is not a get along to go along type of person, she will grab the bull by the horns and drag the GOP into doing the right thing for the economy if she has to. People talk to me and I know that Jackie is prepared to stand up to anyone, even her own party leadership if necessary. Jackie has the tenacity of  Bill O’Reilly and the heart of charity worker.

UPDATE November 1, 2010 It has happened: ObamaCare results in local lay-offs

Charlie White is clearly the best choice for Secretary of State even if you toss out his qualifications it is important to remember that Hungarian billionaire George Soros has launched his “Secretary of States” project in an effort to rig elections in the United States. A vote for Charlie is a vote to stop Soros and preserve election integrity.

Greg Dudeck is running for Indiana House District 7. Dudeck “gets it”. He is a small business man who knows something about the law and how to bring business back home.  Dudeck is a smart, down to Earth guy who is perfectly comfortable having a plain chat with anyone.

Dick Pfiel running for Indiana House District 8. Pfiel is a small business economics guru. His long history of making small to medium sized businesses grow and work through thick and this may be just what Indiana needs right now.

Tim Wesco is running for Indiana House District 7. Wesco is a young man, but he is a young man who has near prodigy ability and intellect. There is little doubt that Wesco will eventually make his mark in national politics.

Jim Fox and Scott Deurring will make a great crime fighting team for St. Joe County. Fox is running for Sheriff and Deurring is running for prosecutor. Crime is just too high in South Bend and everyone knows it, but more importantly Fox and Deurring are men of restraint. Lately we hear more and more about police and prosecutor abuse and having men in these positions who respect the limits of their office is good for all of us.

Deb Fleming, Dale Devon, Dennis Jordan, J Kata,  and Matt Wilson are running for St. Joe County Council. The nepotism, kick backs and other games in local country government are no secret. In the case of Deb Fleming, she destroyed her opponent in their debate. It was clear that Fleming understands the county, the budgets, and the economics of our situation better than her opponent. Fleming is a dentist and a small business owner who knows about making a payroll. Fleming is a natural leader and has impressive athletic ability.

The obvious choice for Indiana State Senate is Joe Zakas.  Joe is a very smart guy who is humble and thoughtful. Joe has been involved in state politics for a number of years now and has served the people of Indiana very well. I was once put in the position of doing opposition research against Joe for a primary fight and I didn’t find much. What I learned is that Joe is the kind of guy who looks for problems and/or places where state law or processes need to be improved and relentlessly works to fix them. Joe is not loud or flashy, but he is wise and tireless. There is not the space to list the ways he has helped his fellow Hoosiers.

There are only one school board race I am following (hey we can’t do it all). Chris Riley is running for PHM School board. Riley is a local attorney who cares about young people and education. I realize that this is easy to say but I have seen Riley in action with young people and he is a natural.  He is also not going to be a puppet of the teachers union.

My old friend Talia Reed is running for Oregon Township Board in neighboring Starke County. Talia is a pal of mine from college who is now a teacher. I am not sure of the most eloquent way to say this so I am just going to tell it like it is. Talia Reed is one of the greatest minds I have ever encountered. Her knowledge of history, politics, literature, economics, law and philosophy is most impressive. Reed is a relentless learner. Every school has that one mega smart, wise,  self educated teacher that everyone thinks is the coolest; well Talia Reed is that person.

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