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Media Matters Lies About Vote Fraud Reporting – Obama Justice Department Talks Tough While Encouraging Fraud

Posted by iusbvision on November 1, 2010

This is a part of our new last minute Dirty Tricks” category.

Picking on Media Matters is pretty easy as much of the nonsense that they post can be debunked in minutes utilizing a couple of internet searches. Since George Soros gave this bunch a million dollars to smear people I thought it would be fun to go and pick part one of their posts just as a reminder.

So I started reading and laughing at how transparent the lies they post have become. Behold this latest example:

John Fund and Jedediah Bila baselessly suggest Obama wants felons and illegal immigrants to vote rather than soldiers [on Hannity].

Baselessly? Well apparently Media Matters missed it when the  media and think tanks wrote and broadcast about this, but they also missed it when Obama’s own Justice Department commented on the issue!

The Justice Department is not enforcing the MOVE Act and as a result some states decided not to mail out ballots to military members overseas in time for the election. Yet Felons had their ballots hand delivered to them in the jails.

MOVE is the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) act. Nine states failed to get this done while the Dept. of Justice yawns. The military is being disenfranchised from the election. This is an old tactic used by Democrats as Al Gore’s lawyers convinced a Democrat appointed federal judge to agree to toss out all military ballots in Florida in 2001.

Fox News:

Military voters from the land of Lincoln could be shut out of the midterm election after the Justice Department reached an agreement with Illinois that gave the state “a pass” for violating federal election law, an advocacy group warned Monday.

The Justice Department hammered out the court agreement Friday addressing the failure of 35 Illinois counties to send military and overseas absentee ballots 45 days before the election — a requirement of the MOVE Act. The agreement gave voters from six of those counties a few extra days to send back their ballots but did not specifically address the other 29 counties.

Eric Eversole, a former Justice voting section attorney who runs the nonprofit Military Voter Protection Project, told the deal effectively lets wayward Illinois election officials off the hook and does little to ensure the state’s military voters get their ballots in time.

Investors Business Daily:

The Justice Department, which has been woefully lax in enforcing MOVE and ensuring compliance among a number of states that have missed their deadlines, reached an agreement in court last Friday with 35 Illinois counties that didn’t get their ballots out on time. Six counties got an extension by two or three days to receive and count overseas ballots by Nov. 16.

The other 29 counties essentially got a pass. Justice spokeswoman Xochitl Hinojosa said these counties already have 14 extra days after the election to count soldiers’ ballots. But if any votes aren’t counted in a timely manner, she said, “we can file a lawsuit.” This is not how soldiers who may get killed not knowing if their votes counted should be treated.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Board of Elections hand-delivers ballots to inmates in Cook County Jail. The board doesn’t even wait for the inmates to apply — it brings the applications with the ballots! More than 2,600 inmates have cast ballots — strikingly similar to the 2,600 soldiers who will likely not receive a ballot for Tuesday’s election.

You see Media Matters that is the Justice Department commenting on the story… But wait there’s MORE!

The Washington Times:

Holder Puts Felons Over Soldiers

The politically charged gang led by Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. is more interested in helping felons vote than in helping the military to vote. Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican, has put a legislative hold on the already troubled nomination of James M. Cole to be deputy attorney general until the attorney general ensures full protection for voting rights of our military (and associated civilian personnel) stationed abroad. The senator is right to raise a ruckus.

Mr. Cornyn co-authored a 2009 law mandating that states mail absentee ballots to military voters at least 45 days before the election. Yet, as former Justice Department lawyer Eric Eversole first reported in The Washington Times last week, the department seems to be encouraging states to apply for waivers so they won’t have to follow that law. More than 17,000 Americans serving overseas were denied the vote in 2008 – but, presumably because military personnel are thought to lean conservative, the liberal Obama administration is in no hurry to correct the situation.

The Justice Department is so unenthusiastic about military voting that its website still lists the old requirement for a shorter 30-day military voting window, rather than the current law mandating 45 days. On the other hand, the Justice Department has no legislative mandate whatsoever to involve itself with helping felons to vote, but its website devotes a large section – 2,314 words – to advising felons how to regain voting privileges.

As confirmed by The Washington Times last week, Justice Department official Rebecca Wertz told a Feb. 1 conference of the National Association of Secretaries of State that the new law’s requirements are somehow open to interpretation. On July 28, an attendee at that conference – heretofore uninterviewed – told The Washington Times that Ms. Wertz’s message was “totally undermining” the law. The earlier reports actually underplayed the effect of Ms. Wertz’s comments. “It was even more pronounced at the meeting,” said the source. “She undermined [the law] right in front of everybody. When I heard what she was saying, I thought: ‘You’ve got to be kidding!’ … It was a clear reversal of roles for Justice to no longer be enforcing the law.”

After looking at the minutes of that conference, Mr. Cornyn responded forcefully. His office confirmed that he did place the hold on Mr. Cole because of the military voting issue. His July 26 letter to Mr. Holder does not actually mention his hold, but its tone was strong stuff.

“The statute does not create any discretion for the Executive Branch to decide whether or not to enforce its legal requirements,” the senator wrote. Ms. Wertz’s comments “fly in the face of the clear statutory language, undermine the provisions in question and jeopardize the voting rights of our men and women in uniform.”

The senator laid out a series of four steps he wants Mr. Holder to take to ensure that states respect the 45-day deadline, including a demand that the Justice Department provide a state-by-state accounting of compliance efforts. The hold on Mr. Cole, reportedly a personal friend of Mr. Holder, is sure to grab the attorney general’s attention. Our troops deserve his respect.

Oh look Media Matters the Justice Department commented on the story again!

The Washington Times did a second editorial on this story HERE.

Starting on October 27th (how is that for late in the game) after seeing some local news outlets and the elite media start to pick up on the story the Justice Department held a press conference announcing that they will get tough with states that do not get ballots out in time (of course this is the opposite message they were on record as having before).


Justice Dept. pushes states on new law to protect military voters

The ballots of U.S. military personnel abroad — even those in remote war zones — must be received and counted before the November election results are declared final, the Justice Department’s Civil Rights chief asserted Wednesday.

Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez told reporters his voting rights attorneys have repeatedly gone to court in recent weeks to force states to abide by the 2009 law designed to get ballots to soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen in time.

The new law, called the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act, requires states to transmit absentee ballots to service members, their families and other overseas citizens at least 45 days before a federal election.

The military ballots were supposed to be out at least 45 days ago but in the last few weeks the Justice Department leaps into action! Ohhh sound so tough right? Ok now read this very carefully:

Four states and one territory were compelled by courts to comply with the law. Wisconsin, New York, New Mexico, Illinois and Guam were ordered to provide ballots, and in most cases required to provide extra days to receive and count the ballots.

Most of the voters (43,000) are from New York. The court order requires New York to wait until November 24 to receive and count absentee ballots to ensure the military votes are tallied.

New York gets an extension to November 24th to count ALL absentee ballots … hello let the ballot stuffing begin. New York is has  highly contested Governor, House and Senate races. It is no secret that New York has issues with absentee ballot fraud – LINKS –  1, 2, 3, 4, 5

But in Illinois when the GOP asked for a similar extension for military ballots only what was the Justice Department position:

However, in Illinois the Republican Party went to court to argue that in some cases it may be necessary for military personnel to cast ballots after Election Day. The Justice Department objected, insisting post-election voting has never been allowed. A federal judge Wednesday denied the GOP request.

So the Justice Department makes deals that allow some areas extra time to mail out the ballots – some deal since they are still no good if they come back late in most states – In New York the Justice Department is all for an extension as long as ALL absentee ballots can be counted late (let the stuffing begin!) – and in Illinois well no, even though military ballots are sent out late the Justice Department says opposes letting them count if they can’t get back in time.

Yup real tough.

And another lie from Media Matters destroyed in mere minutes. It’s so easy. Felons pushed to vote, military screwed, Obama Justice Department helping it along.


The Heritage Foundation also wrote about the issue HERE asking “Why is Obama Letting Non-Citizens Get Away with Voting?”

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