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More Donnelly Dirty Tricks

Posted by iusbvision on November 1, 2010

Check out this flier the Democrats sent out to Republican voters:

Mark Vogel is the Libertarian Party candidate.

Of course this is no surprise as Joe Donnelly has ran a campaign of Lies. I do not say that lightly. Left leaning watchdog groups like and even the Associated Press blasted Donnelly’s campaign ads as just plain false.

More Lies from Desperate Democrats: Joe Donnelly Lies About Jackie Walorski Again – UPDATE: Associated Press Blasts Donnelly for Social Security Lie! Blasts Donnelley’s False Claims

Time-Yahoo News Blast Obama & Donnelly

DNC Chair: Donnelly Running Away From Who He Is

Donnelly Tries to Fool South Bend Tribune – Indicates He Might Not Vote for Pelosi as Speaker UPDATED!

Video: Who did that? Donnelly did…



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