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Sarah Palin and Greta Van Sustern Plast Politico for “Anonymous” Hit Pieces – UPDATE: Ed Gillespie – Politico Lied

Posted by iusbvision on November 1, 2010

We quote from time to time, but we are VERY careful when we do and make sure that someone else backs it up because Politico gets the story wrong too often for my tastes.

Lately they have been running a series of hit pieces against Sarah Palin quoting “anonymous sources”. At least some of this is obviously made up.  In a previous hit piece Politico’s narrative was that Palin is such a dingbat that other Republicans and conservative hosts like Glenn Beck are fed up with her. So what did Beck and his staff have to say about that?

Via Newsbusters:

In the Oct. 21 issue of Politico, an article written by Jonathan Martin attacks former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for her political activities and her dealings with other conservative leaders. One of Martin’s examples of Palin “wreaking havoc on the campaign trail” involved a disagreement with Fox News host Glenn Beck:

So the same clowns at went and did a larger hit piece claiming all sorts of sources; anonymous of course. Greta points out that some of the “facts” in the hit piece are just plain wrong and together they dissect the smear piece, which is quite entertaining to watch.

Of course what is the substantive  relevance of a presidential gossip and soap opera slights BEFORE the 2010 mid term? ….Exactly. The point here is to try and generate rifts and fights between GOP insiders and Palin/Tea Party people because if they keep coming together the leftists in the elite media won’t like it. Charlie Crist and Lisa Murkowski are running independent campaigns against Tea Party supported conservatives and the elite media would love to run hit pieces to help them out.

How these anonymous hit pieces work is like this: first the reporter goes through the rolodex and finds someone who they know hates the target, lets say Sarah Palin. So they pull up the primary opponent of everyone Palin has endorsed. They pull up Lisa Murkowski and Mike Castle Charlie Crist, all of whom are Republicans who will reliably trash her. The reporter already has the narrative for the hit piece pretty much written and just needs to get the right talking head to satisfy a technical requirement of an editor, unless of course the editor goes along with making stuff up as well.

Lets say I work for the New York Times and now President Palin is expanding oil drilling. As a NYT reporter I don’t like us having our own energy so what do I do? I find a radical environmentalist who formerly worked in the Clinton or Obama Department of Interior and present him as an “expert” who then proceeds to tell us how Palin hates the little animals and the fishes and how reckless and dangerous it all is. This happens a lot. When I was in college i once did a report about how the same few leftist talking heads were used over and over by the networks as “random experts”. Here is an example: CNN Debates: Unbiased and Undecided Voters Turn Out to be Democrat Operatives .


UPDATE Ed Gillespie on Levin: Politico lied about me in Palin story

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