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Democrats Trying to Steal Renee Ellmers Congressional Win with the Old “Ballots found in a box” Trick – UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on November 5, 2010


Democrats “found” votes after the election was over. This is the same kind of fraud that Al Franken used to steal the election. Renee Ellmers is a Tea Party candidate who won fair & square while the NRCC told her that they would not help her in her campaign and now wont support her in the recount. I am beseeching all of my political friends to open your wallets and help her now as this is her most desperate hour! Ellmers needs money for lawyers to monitor the recount and stop this fraud.

Her opponent is Bob Etheridge, who became infamous when he assaulted a student who asked him an inconvenient question.

UPDATE – GOP Chairman Michael Steele is stepping up to help. This web site has always supported Chairman Steele through all of the unfair attacks from the GOP establishment and the elite media, we are gratified that our support was not misplaced.

UPDATE II – Renee needs $230,000 to monitor the recount to help insure that she isn’t ripped off. The NRCC sent $5,000 after Rush Limbaugh went off on them today.

One Response to “Democrats Trying to Steal Renee Ellmers Congressional Win with the Old “Ballots found in a box” Trick – UPDATED!”

  1. Don Broome said

    As a truth, many of us have said that Obama and many Democrats “do not get it”, following the Elections. The Tea Party supported candidates, and the movement itself, have been vilified by Liberal Democrats, Obama and his staff, the main stream media and the liberal press. That, in itself, is hardly surprising. What is surprising, and disgusting at the same time, has been the attitude and reaction of the “Republican Establishment”. These people no longer represent me; They want no part of the Tea Party philosophy; Its the same attitude that gave birth to the Tea Party movement within the Republican Party; “We’ve been doing things this same old way for 200 years(Thats what former Republican Senator, Fred Thompson of Tenn said)and you are not going to change things. Suddenly we are hearing from Thompson and Trent Lott, and there will be others. Not only do they not want any intervention by the newly-elected Senators, they don’t want any intervention from we, the public. Laugh if you will, but remember the U.S. Senate has been accurately described as ‘the most exclusive club in the world”

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