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The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. – Vladimir Lenin

Washington State overwhelmingly votes down new tax on wealthy

Posted by iusbvision on November 5, 2010

Even Microsoft opposed it. Gotta love the irony.

The mega rich guys who supported this are big time hypocrite. As 5% means nothing to them and since much of their income is not in the form of taxable wages they would have been exempted from most of it anyways. The producer class though would have gotten soaked.

The truth is we need wealth. Wealth goes where it is treated well and in case you haven’t noticed it is being treated well in China. We have lost 14,000 factories in the last 10 years. We want wealth to come to our communities, not drive them away.

Al Reuters:

The plan devised by the father of the Microsoft Corp co-founder to slap a 5 percent tax on earnings over $200,000 — Initiative Measure 1098 — was rejected by 65 percent of voters, with almost two-thirds of precincts reported.

The result is a boon for the anti-tax Tea Party movement and suggests Americans may be in the mood to extend tax cuts introduced by former President George W. Bush even for the wealthiest citizens. It also signals that Americans are unwilling to accept higher taxes as a way of balancing state budgets ravaged by the recession.

It is a stinging defeat for Bill Gates senior, who put $600,000 of his own money behind the campaign and also for his son, the world’s second richest person, who let it be known he would vote for the measure.

The vote is the fourth failure to introduce a state tax in Washington in the last 70 years and leaves the state as one of only seven without one.

Although the new tax would have affected fewer than 70,000 people out of the state’s 6.7 million residents, an opposition campaign run by an organization called Defeat 1098 persuaded voters that the tax on the wealthy would be extended to lower earners.

Major backers of Defeat 1098 include Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer, who contributed $425,000 to the campaign, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and founder and CEO Jeff Bezos.

Microsoft, Boeing and Alaska Airlines, all major employers in the state, also contributed to the opposition campaign, fearing that a tax on high-earners would hurt their ability to lure talented workers to the state.

Texas Governor Rick Perry recently seized on the issue to invite top businesses in Washington state to relocate to Texas, which does not have an income tax.

One Response to “Washington State overwhelmingly votes down new tax on wealthy”

  1. Jarrod Brigham said

    How can people oppose this measure and still vote for their incumbent senator? It doesn’t make sense.

    [Jarrod, it makes no sense to you because you are applying reason from your perspective. You are educated, and pretty well informed by doing some of your own research; unfortunately this is why you do not see how this happens.


    Republicans hope that people will understand, the Democrat leadership hopes people will not understand.

    Conservatives have the right ideas but often fail at communicating them. Democrat politicians count on people not knowing what they are up to. This is why they often blame Republicans for what they are doing, say they are taxing the rich while they give the rich loopholes and stick it to small business etc. This is why they have to whip up sexism, racism, class envy etc etc to keep people distracted.

    A specific example:

    Leftist academics have stated (and written about often) that we need to have a global redistribution of wealth from the West to the third world. This includes White House advisers such as John Holdren and Cass Sunstien. These two have also called for forced population control and even used the example of putting sterilizing drugs in the water. If a Republican had views like these the elite media would not stop talking about it. Yet the elite media won’t touch this. Van Jones is a self proclaimed revolutionary communist, if Glenn Beck had not told the world about this dangerous man he would still be working for the White House today. Anita Dunn, yet another White House adviser, said that the philosopher she turned to most is Chairman Mao, who happens to be the largest mass murderer in world history. She would still be there if not for Glenn Beck advertising it to the world.

    So more on the global redistribution of wealth, Democrats make government burdens so expensive that they send our jobs overseas, that is one way to redistribute our wealth. Those Democrats then blame Republicans for sending jobs overseas and their answer to the problem is what?.. More taxes, spending, bureaucrats and regulation which sends more jobs and wealth overseas.

    Obama tried to stop offshore oil drilling, yet he uses our money to give low cost loans to PetroBrazil, so that they can do new exploration and drilling in deeper water than we do. This is another way to have global redistribution of wealth.

    We have trillions in oil, natural gas and mineral wealth made off limits because the federal government has seized most of the productive land in the Western United States. They would rather that we burrow money from China to buy energy from the Middle east and Venezuela.

    Look at inner city public schools that are keeping minority kids down and in a cycle of failure. The Democrats, teachers Union and NAACP (which is now a bought and paid for by the left) work together to keep the status quo. When Republicans work for reform and/or vouchers to get those kids out of failing schools these groups cry racism and that we hate children.

    Are most people who vote Democrat aware of these things? Obviously not. The conservatives need to get in the Democrats and the elite medias face. They also need to wage a teaching campaign to wake people up.

    When most Democrats voters are asked an issue question straight up without the lies and distractions they usually agree with conservatives, hence the vote in Washington State.

    I hope that answers your question – Editor]

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