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New Bogus Elite Media Narrative on Tea Party: You didn’t win every race so you are a failure

Posted by iusbvision on November 7, 2010

One can always count on NBC to come up with the false premise that insults the intelligence of the audience. The elite media narrative is silly. In essence it is “You weren’t perfect and you didn’t win every race so you are a failure.” The truth is that most Tea Party endorsed candidates won.

Also to consider; for the Tea Party and most Tea Party candidates this was their first attempt at a big nationalized election and look at the results. Tea Party candidates will learn from their tactical mistakes and improve. Four years ago no one would have imagined a new movement engaging in a first election and having such a success.

[Note on the video – sometimes MSNBC puts in a playlist rotation. If you do not see Senator DeMint on Meet the Press just hit the playlist button when you hit play. A menu will appear where you can click the picture of Senator DeMint for the proper video – Editor]

The simple truth is that  O’Donnell lost by the same margin as other Republicans in Delaware did, which means that most people in Delaware voted a straight party line ticket. I worked elections in my state and most Democrats here voted a straight ticket. Keep in mind that in Delaware Obama’s approval ratings are still higher than his negatives. This means that Castle would have lost as well.

Would O’Donnell have gotten more votes with a more effective communications machine, you bet, but she would have still likely lost. I swapped emails with the O’Donnell campaign with an offer to write commercials for them because her ads were not good enough for some very substantive reasons, they told me they loved what I wrote, but I guess their communications team didn’t want to share “the glory”. Her ads did not do the most important job that needed to be done in her race and it is obvious what that job is, yet the GOP communications machine keeps missing the target. [Someone has already asked what is so obvious that I see and they did not. Sorry guys I save my best stuff for those who wish me to help represent them – Editor]

Bottom line, Castle very likely would have lost as well. In Delaware, as with several other states, this election was a referendum on Obama (and the Dem Leadership) and with his positives there this is how the vote turned out.

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