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Transparency: New House Republican Committee Chairman Orders Cameras for Hearing Room

Posted by iusbvision on November 7, 2010

Count this as one good step in the right direction.

Via our friends at The Blaze:

With the Republicans poised to retake majority control of the House of Representatives following Tuesday’s midterm elections, the presumptive chairman of the Rules Committee, Rep. David Dreier, R-Calif., is setting a new standard of transparency for his committee’s hearings.

In a letter addressed to the House chief administrative officer Dan Strodel, Dreier ordered that video cameras be installed in the hearing room so citizens can keep an eye on Congress.

“Given the important nature of our work, my Republican Rules Committee colleagues and I have repeatedly requested that the majority undertake the installation of cameras in the Rules Committee hearing room to the end that we begin webcasting our proceedings,” Dreier wrote. According to The Hill, the personal letter emphasized the GOP’s interest in “genuine openness and transparency.” Currently, the Rules Committee hearing room is one of only three without cameras — the others being the ethics and Intelligence committee rooms.

As the ranking Republican on the committee, Dreier initially went public with his request during the heated debate over health care this past spring. “We’ve been asking for months for cameras to be installed in the Rules Committee hearing room and now the American people understand why it’s so necessary,” Dreier said at the time.

With Democrats’ health care overhaul plan now the law of the land, the GOP is looking to set a new example for government accountability. “The Rules Committee is being used to manipulate the process to avoid accountability and transparency,” Dreier noted in March. “If the Majority is going to insist on hiding votes on bills behind rules, the least they could do is let the American people watch the action.”


One Response to “Transparency: New House Republican Committee Chairman Orders Cameras for Hearing Room”

  1. Richard said

    I have always believed republicans have, by and large suffered from probity. Now my beliefs are confirmed and cemented. This week I heard Rep David Dreier Republican from California and the rules committee chairmen announce a “new era of openness and transparency”, even going to the extent of having cameras installed to record deliberative hearings. While this is sweet and shows, “good sportsmanship” I don’t know if these are the ideas and concepts we should be leading with as we set out to save our country from certain destruction.
    This is not some genteel gentleman’s collegiate debating society we sent these men to Washington to engage in. We need people in Washington D.C. who understand that and who also understand this is a deadly serious task we have entrusted them with. They, by all means, ought to act and behave accordingly.
    Where do these men go astray? I don’t recall anyone anywhere clamoring for these reforms in the Tea Party or in the national conservative media, or the liberal media for that matter. Why get side tracked on this issue now? What possible good could it do in terms of getting a conservative agenda passed in Washington? The liberals are masters of media manipulation, and their associates in the liberal media will certainly use any televised proceedings to their advantage, not ours.
    Someone needs to tell this gentleman to drop his quest for transparency and openness and get back to the serious business at hand.

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