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60 Minutes Gives Obama a Pass on Long Series of False Statements on Healthcare

Posted by iusbvision on November 8, 2010

Barack Obama:

“I made the decision to go ahead and do it. And, it proved as costly politically as we expected. Probably actually a little more costly than we had expected… Partly because I couldn’t get the kind of cooperation from Republicans that I hoped for. We thought that if we shaped a bill that wasn’t that different from previous bills that had introduced by Republicans, including the Republican governor in Massachusetts who’s now running for president, that we would be able to find some common ground there and we just couldn’t.”

Our old friend Gateway Pundit responds:

Here are a few points regarding his statement:
– The health care bill was passed before not after the unpopular financial bill.
– Mitt Romney is not currently running for president.
– We’ve never been a bill like this proposed nationally unless you count Hillarycare.
– Obama was pushing the bill for over a year before democrats rammed it through.
– It was the central focus of his first two years in office.
– They didn’t even read the bill.
– Democrats thought it would be more popular by the midterm election.
– His other emergency economic proposals were complete bombs, too.

Of course, Steve Croft did not bother to question the president about any of his inaccurate statements.

Well by all means allow us to pile on:

You “couldn’t get the cooperation from Republicans”… you had an overwhelming majority in both chambers of Congress most of that time and you passed it with no Republican votes.

Republicans never pushed most of the bad ideas that are in ObamaCare. One of the few good ideas was a step towards tort reform, but that was a bone in an effort to claim bipartisanship.

Republicans offered amendment after amendment trying to insure in law what you Democrats promised, no rationing, no system that statistically discriminated against seniors, the very young or the elderly, and an amendment forcing members of Congress and their staff to actually live under the bill and not be exempt from it, all shot down.

So called “RomneyCare” in Massachusetts is a failure as its cost overruns are through the roof and insurers are starting to want out. It was a statewide experiment not a nationwide one.

People are already losing coverage and seeing premiums skyrocket because of the bill, which is exactly the opposite you promised repeatedly.

The people, the Republicans and most anyone not in the leadership only had access to the final bill for a very short time before it was voted upon which is why even now people are still finding SNAFU’s in the bill.

If Sarah Palin had said similar things the elite media would be grilling her.

The Blaze also reported this story.


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