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Rand Paul Blasts Elliot Spitzer

Posted by iusbvision on November 11, 2010

Elliot Spitzer was desperately trying to wrap Senator Elect Rand Paul’s words around his axle and Senator Paul wasn’t having it. One loaded question with a false premise after another. When that didn’t work Spitzer tried mischaracterize Sen. Paul’s answer mere seconds after he made it.

Spitzer tried to make it personal and Paul throws Spitzers criminal past right back in his face. Spitzer tries on Social Security and Medicare, but Rand Paul had substantive answers for those questions.

Senator Paul says he will start looking into cuts for people under age 55 and then the next generation (means testing is an example), look for big cuts or elimination of some programs so that the cuts to the big entitlements do not have to be so draconian. If  we cut reimbursements for doctors than we have to cut pay for all federal employees (except the military) because we cant balance the budget on one group of people and the economic reality is that we have to pay doctors enough so they will take Medicare patients.

Senator Paul said that he has a team going through all of the budget and he will have come January or February balanced budget plans for 1 year to balance,  5 year to balance, etc so Congress will have options on how to tackle it. Paul is right that the process has to be given teeth or in the future Congress may ignore the rules. If Senator Paul delivers on these budget plans and they turn out to be at least directionally realistic and doable, he may replace Glenn Beck as George Soros’ public enemy number one.

Spitzer ends with the biggest and most laughable canard there is and insults the Senator at the last minute. Remember when the CBO said that ObamaCare would save a trillion dollars? That is because the CBO has to score based on the assumptions given to them. The assumptions included a massive cut in doctor reimbursements at some future date that we all know wont happen, passing a large part of the burden to the states, which also wont happen due to state balanced budget amendments,  and other cute accounting tricks. When asked straight up what it may cost the CBO and Obama’s own medicare actuary agree, the costs go up. This is no secret as it has all been well reported and we have reported on it here.

We all know from Spitzer’s past that he abused his position and engaged in behavior that is just plain scuzzy, tonight we get to see some of the scuzzy side of Spitzer.

2 Responses to “Rand Paul Blasts Elliot Spitzer”

  1. JKR said

    Go, Rand!!

  2. Angela said

    I would have liked to have heard him ask “Is it constitutional?”

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