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Seven Democrat Senators to MSNBC: “Obama Has No Idea What He’s Doing”

Posted by iusbvision on November 13, 2010

Watch this video VERY carefully.

At first Mika tries to demagogue with “No Republican has ever been in the White House” when she knows full well that isn’t the point (and she does a pretty lousy acting job in the process) and when Scarborough calls her out and says (paraphrasing) “You know damn well who these Democratic Chairman are because they told you the same thing they told me” and Mika gives no denial or protest after that whatsoever which spoke her answer as well as if she had just admitted it.

Video courtesy of our friend Nice Deb:

So who are the Scarborough and Mika seven?Well we know that most are committee chairs, but are they standing committees or lesser ones?

Lieberman –  ok that one is obvious.

Schumer is obvious too. He has been on the show a few times and he wants to replace Harry Reid as Democrat leader. Since Reid is so tied to Obama this one too becomes well obvious.

Kent Conrad, the head of the budget committee, sees how the executive is spending stimulus money and the word is that he is not pleased. Odds are he is one.

In the “more likely than not” category are Landrieu and Dodd

Mary Landrieu, she is also less of a leftist then the leadership. She chairs the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship and offered some resistance to ObamaCare before they bought her off. Landrieu is also a real estate agent by trade; Obama’s mortgage assistance program was an overwhelming failure and you can bet her friends are not pleased.

Chris Dodd is done and has nothing to lose. He wants friends in the media so maybe he can sell a book or get a talking head gig, or in general is keeping his options open as Obama’s popularity continues to sink.

OK that is five of the seven, any guesses political science faculty or students? Come on you know you wanna.

Now if we want to include an important sub-committee – Evan Bayh is Chairman of the Subcommittee on Security and International Trade and Finance and his wife Suzy is a board member for Wellpoint, the largest insurer in the Blue Cross/Blue Shield network. Suzy can’t be happy about the details of what ObamaCare is doing to the industry. If there is one sub-committee guy in the list and Scarborough was being a tad vague, its Evan Bayh.  Its just so obvious I will go out on a limb and say we have six of the seven.

Anyone doubt me on these guesses?


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