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Thoughts on “Dancing” with Bristol Palin

Posted by iusbvision on November 17, 2010

I normally do not watch shows like this, but I have been watching Dancing With the Stars because the show has appeal. First of all no one can deny that the show runnerth over with eye candy. All of the women on the show are fun to watch on television.

Bristol Palin

Second, all of the performers are good dancers who you can tell worked hard. Call me old fashioned but I respect effort. It takes real courage for people to do that show and that goes triple for those who are not professional showmen.

Looking at the finals realistically;  Jennifer, Brandy and Kyle are all experienced showmen and are some of the finest entertainers in the world, as such they are expected to win. Bristol is a tenacious kid from Alaska who made it on the boy’s football team. So when I watch them dance I admit that I handicap it a little. Sometimes she dances as well as the others, other times she is nipping at their heals, but considering the A list talent she is up against I would say that Bristol deserves the votes she gets.

Let’s take a reality pill, how many people in the world could hope to out dance the legendary star of Dirty Dancing, Jennifer Grey? The level that Bristol is competing at is like putting Chelsea Clinton in a UFC ring with Brock Lesnar with Chelsea taking Brock to the fifth round. Sure at the end Lesnar is the better fighter, but who would walk away with the most respect and admiration? It is a classic narrative; in Rocky, The Italian Stallion lost to the heavyweight champion, but who was it that shocked the world?

Bristol had the most to learn and the farthest walk of performance to travel in the shortest amount of time and yet she remained competitive under incredible pressure. One would have to be crazy not to recognize and respect Bristol’s accomplishment here. Dancing With the Stars is not just a test of physical dexterity and attractiveness, it is also a test of character.

Bristol has one other thing going for her that cannot be underestimated. She is a voluptuous and highly attractive young woman. It is obvious that some older people vote for her because they think she is adorable and some younger guys do because they think she is “a 10”. Certainly no one can deny that Brandy and Jennifer Grey are “10’s”, but they are both big stars that people have had a long time to become familiar with. Bristol, for the moment, has the advantage of being “exciting and new” (and a bit mysterious) which yields a genuine advantage on a voting show.

Alaska has much to be proud of.

[In the interests of full disclosure I have watched the show, but have not participated in any of the voting – Editor]

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Viral Video of the Week: Welcome to California!

Posted by iusbvision on November 17, 2010

Oakland California Denny’s restaurant…or what used to be one after this. This is all we will be seeing in the news for the next week…. /facepalm.

Wait till Russia Today sees this. Communications students, this is a good time to reflect on how YouTube and new media can act as its own “ambassador” to the world.

Warning adult language.

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