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MSNBC Talker Calls Sarah Palin an “ASS”…

Posted by iusbvision on November 19, 2010

…and manages to get the only “factoid” she presented totally wrong. Video via The Blaze.

This is one reason why so few on the left are willing to go on Fox News or enter a setting where they will actually have to debate informed people.

You will notice in the video that random MSNBC talker, who is really no different than most MSNBC talkers, states that when Sarah Palin was asked who her favorite Founder was that she could not name one. This is a lie that many of the far left web sites have embraced such as Media Matters, News Hounds, The Young Turks, Huffintgon Post and the list goes on. They post the video and leave off her answer so it looks like she could not name one. Others just posted a long video of the interview while claiming she was “stumped” and simply counted on people not hanging around to watch her complete answer.

This is the level of dishonesty that the far left engages in regularly as of late. It reminds me of the whopping lies Joe Donnelly said about Jackie Walorski over the recent election. Certainly MSNBC has the video below, yet they seem happy with the lie. Fortunately MSNBC is such a small operation that they are not an electoral threat to anyone.

The video below shows the entire clip and it clearly shows that Sarah Palin answered “George Washington” complete with an explanation as to why.

I am not surprised that Palin would pick Washington, as most people of strong Christian faith do pick him because Washington’s faith was so strong that his men and many of his enemies believed that he could not be harmed in battle (read the history folks as this is mentioned by many at the time).

I watched the interview where Sarah Palin was asked this question live and even though I am much more familiar with the Founders than the vast majority of Americans, I had trouble answering. The thought of trying to decide who was “better” between Patrick Henry, George Washington, Ben Rush, Sam Adams, Noah Webster and the rest actually left me in horror for a few moments. I know full well that the Founders were truly great men with a special blessing, they are men that I am not qualified to judge. At the first moment the idea of ME picking one Founder over another left me feeling unworthy, among these great men who am I to chose who is best? To me it is like declaring who is better Moses or John the Baptist. Indeed it is the hope of enlightened students to be able to approach the wisdom of Founders who even played a lesser role. Sarah Palin was not resistant to answer this question not because she did not know something about them, rather it is precisely because she does, which her answer clearly demonstrates.

Eventually I settled on Sam Adams as a “favorite”. I did so because the way he carried out his passion and the way he spoke was the closest to me so I feel like I identify with him.

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