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Defeated Iowa Governor gives state union employees $100 million raise on the way out

Posted by iusbvision on November 20, 2010

And of course the government employee union is the largest contributor to the Democrats.  Defeated New Jersey Governor Bob Corzine tried to do this as well, but was stopped by Governor Christie on  inauguration day. UPDATE – Wisconsin too LINK (via Kyle Carroll).

Des Moines Register:

Gov. Chet Culver’s administration agreed Friday to offer pay increases for state employees that will cost taxpayers more than $100 million, despite Republican requests that the decisions be delayed until Terry Branstad becomes governor in January.

A Branstad spokesman called the deal “reckless,” and House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen said it would likely lead to layoffs.

But Culver defended the decision, noting that most state employees took at least five unpaid days in the past year along with suspension of employer deferred compensation contributions.

“These people are on the front lines of delivering vital services and information to the people of Iowa and deserve to be paid in accordance with their qualifications and efforts,” Culver said in a statement.

Union members will formally meet to accept or reject the state’s offer later this month, but Danny Homan, president of Council 61 for AFSCME, said: “In my mind, this is done.”

The wage hike plan would give members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, better known as AFSCME, a 2 percent across-the-board increase for the fiscal year that begins July 1 and another 1 percent raise the following calendar year on Jan. 1, which is what the group had requested. This 2- and 1- percent increase, under the contract, would be given in each of the next two contract years.

In addition, many union members who are not at the top of their pay grade would receive an additional 4.5 percent raise, known as a step increase, for certain professional milestones or for job longevity and other career advancements.

“The state accepted the union’s proposal,” said Homan. “I believe that probably ends this process.”

But wait there’s more!

A review last year by The Des Moines Register showed that Iowa is one of only six states to offer free health insurance to state government employees and their families.

Iowa’s state employees also pay substantially lower out-of-pocket health costs, such as deductibles and office co-payments, than private-sector workers, according to an independent study of nearly 900 businesses and government employers conducted this year by David P. Lind & Associates of Clive.

The Iowa Department of Management, in previous years, has released a statement showing how much the union concessions would cost taxpayers.

That wasn’t immediately available Friday. However, in 2009, each percentage point increase in state employee salary cost taxpayers $32.2 million.

“Taxpayers are the losers in this backroom deal,” said Jeff Boeyink, Branstad’s chief of staff. “Governor Culver’s decision to rush through a collective bargaining deal with state employee unions before he leaves office is reckless and irresponsible. This will cost Iowa taxpayers $103.5 million the first year alone, and hundreds of millions in subsequent fiscal years.”

Work for the government, kick back money to the party and you’re livin’ fat.

How many of you don’t have to contribute to your benefits and healthcare at no cost or on the mega cheap? Wow I am so glad that we have these rich government unions to protect our state employees who are obviously so underpaid and exploited……

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Milford Connecticut Police Destroy Cruiser Tapes in Vehicular Manslaughter Cover Up

Posted by iusbvision on November 20, 2010

We do report police misconduct here, but not because we are anti-police. On the contrary good policing is vital to any civil society.

With that said, we always have to keep in mind that as society has a spiritual, philosophical and educational break down, these problems manifest themselves everywhere. They especially manifest themselves with politicians and judges who do not respect the limits of their office or the idea of limited government.

CT Post:

MILFORD — If the dashboard video from city police cars was erased after a Freedom of Information Act request was filed for it, the city could face a big legal headache, experts said Tuesday.

The video was being sought by Bart Halloran, the lawyer for the family of one of teens killed when their car was broadsided by a Milford police cruiser last year. Halloran said that he hoped to use it to establish a pattern of Milford police officers using excessive speed on routine business.

New Haven attorney John Williams said that the claim by Milford police that a records clerk was “inadvertently” ordered to destroy thousands of hours of video files that were the subject of Halloran’s FOI request, “sounds like espoiliation of evidence. All he has to show is that it was there, that he asked for it, and that it was relevant to his case.”

Tom Hennick, spokesman for the state Freedom of Information Commission, agreed that if the video files existed when Halloran requested them but were later destroyed, “that could be a problem for the city. On the other hand, if they were gone when the complaint came in, we can’t order the creation of records.”

Mayor James L. Richetelli Jr. said that he couldn’t comment on the situation because it involves pending litigation. “Really, all I can say is that I believe that the chief has handled this matter properly. Now it is up to the FOI (Commission) to decide.”

Chief Keith Mello said Monday that the video files that were destroyed were being reviewed in relation to the FOI request, and that he had ordered that they be preserved until the matter was resolved. Mello said that he suspended Lt. Dan Bothwell, who oversees the records division, for one day without pay over the incident.

The chief did not respond Tuesday to a reporter’s questions, and it isn’t known exactly when the erasure was discovered or whether any more video files that Halloran is seeking still exist. The lawyer said that he received about seven hours of video several months ago.

An FOI hearing officer is scheduled to meet with Halloran, Mello and attorney James Tallberg, who represents the city, on Oct. 18 in Hartford to discuss whether the video files must be turned over. It is far from a moot point; the commission can levy fines of up to $1,000 per violation for noncompliance — and if the relevant files were destroyed the city can’t comply.

Halloran represents the parents of David Servin, who was killed June 13, 2009, along with his girlfriend, Ashlie Krakowski. The couple, both 19, were returning to Servin’s home in Orange when their car was T-boned by a Milford police cruiser being driven by Officer Jason Anderson.


So one man was suspended for one day and the city may have to pay a few thousands dollars in fines, but this much cheaper than defending against civil lawsuits stemming from in speeding and other violations that would/could have been found on those deleted tapes. The case could have been made that there was a pattern of reckless/bad behavior in the department so therefore the city is liable. As a result of such a suit some in the brass would have been the “fall guys” and heads would have rolled.

The brass won’t be paying the FOIA fines, the taxpayers of Connecticut will.

This is another example of why sovereign immunity laws need to be reformed so that public officials (and yes even college administrators) who violate the law can be held personally liable.

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One year of economics and poli-sci in a single post

Posted by iusbvision on November 20, 2010

These video’s are very funny. While I do not agree with every point it is still very interesting and educational. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Quantitative Easing Explained (Federal Reserve monetizing the debt).

This video is brilliant. The deflation is only in a few markets. The truth is that in the early 1990’s the government changed the way that it measures inflation. If they measured it the way they did when Carter and Reagan were president the rate would be about 10%.

Interesting thing about how the Fed did not see the market bubble. The Fed uses static Keynesian models. They do not seriously consider the effects that game theory and they do not differentiate between currency and wealth. They do not understand that you cannot have endless consumption without the creation of wealth on the production side.

Dr. Hayek won the Nobel Prize for his work on market bubbles, but most economists are taught Keynesian-ism not Hayek.

Economics II – The more the planner’s plans fail the more the planners plan – Global Warming Alarmism

Central planing doesn’t work. For example, lets take the 10 smartest men in the world and have them plan our economy. My first question: Which one of you wants to be the planer in charge of tampons and maxi-pads?

Economics III – Corporatism – Campaign Rhetoric – Global Warming Alarmism

Warning adult language –

Hi, I’m a Liberal Democrat – The Left Demonstrates that their charity mostly extends to spending other people’s money.

Multiple studies have shown that conservative Christians by far donate the most to charity

How Liberals Argue

While this is a mild exaggeration it is only a mild one when it comes to the leftists who commonly comment on message boards and troll on blogs. Our experience on this very blog shows this type of behavior time and time again.


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Kristi Noem (R-SD) and Tim Scott (R-SC): GOP Freshmen in leadership positions

Posted by iusbvision on November 20, 2010

Noem and Scott ran great campaigns (with very smart and Socratic communications strategies by the way).

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Congressman Steve King Discusses Ending Birthright Citizenship on Fox News, America’s Newsroom

Posted by iusbvision on November 20, 2010

This is an interesting question. The USA is the only major country that has birthright citizenship. It was instituted to protect the citizenship of former slaves who chose to stay here. Of course that function has long since passed.

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700,000 Seniors Forced out of Medicare Advantage Plans – Cavuto: Was this the plan all along?

Posted by iusbvision on November 20, 2010

It is just like we said:

Real Clear Politics Confirms IUSB Vision Analysis: Latest Health Care Bill Designed to Wreck Private Insurance & Make People Cry Out for a Public Option

And we stated again and again and again….

Wall Street Journal:

Seniors enrolling in private Medicare policies starting this week are finding fewer options, as health insurers close down certain types of plans due to legislative changes and looming cuts to federal funding.

Cigna Corp., Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, several Blue Cross Blue Shield plans and others aren’t renewing hundreds of Medicare Advantage plans, which are Medicare policies administered by private insurers. The moves will displace some 700,000 beneficiaries who must find new policies, according to Humana Inc., a large seller of Advantage plans.

For 2011, the Kaiser Family Foundation said there will be a 13% decline in the number of Medicare Advantage plans.

The pullback is largely due to a 2008 law that required the plans to have networks of preferred doctors, with the idea that managed care could be less costly and aggressive marketing could be curbed. Some providers of traditional fee-for-service policies decided to close the plans rather than invest in networks. But some insurers say the federal health-care overhaul, which includes $140 billion in cuts to reimbursements for Advantage plans over 10 years, is a factor as well.


Speaker Pelosi used IUSB Vision writer Chuck Norton’s exact words “make them cry out for a public option” on C-Span. Video at bottom of post HERE.

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