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Col. Allen West: John Lewis is a hypocrite

Posted by iusbvision on November 21, 2010

While Democrat Ron Kline was accusing Col. West of being a part of a racist gang, accusing him of being a drug dealer (the old “all blacks are drug dealers” narrative), slandering his military service, mailing out his social security number to 60,000 people, slandering his wife and the list goes on and on. John Lewis came to Florida to support Kline.

John Lewis is portrayed as some great civil rights hero and his book is all over IUSB. The same John Lewis that compared John McCain to George Wallace in October 2008. The same John Lewis that lied through when he claimed that Tea Party protesters in DC chanted the N-word at him 15 times, except oops, hey John dozens of people filmed the event from multiple angles and guess what, no N-word. Andrew Breitbart offered $100,000 for proof that it happened. No Takers.

Here is an idea, if you are going to make up a lie about a mass event, don’t do it in front of a sea of new media video cameras.

Now even Juan Williams is saying that Lewis is exploiting black people and racism for political purposes. They say John Lewis is a hero, well true heroes don’t sell out.

Allen West has had enough of this nonsense and enough of John Lewis. You can be sure that it is not over between these two men. After what Kline, Lewis and the rest of these liars and cronies did to Col. West’s family it is now personal.

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