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It is time to dismantle the TSA – UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on November 21, 2010

I have avoided posting on this issue for the simple reason that the media and countless bloggers have done a good job in covering this story.

The TSA tells us that they do not do pat downs in kids under 13, they tell us that they are not exposing or touching private parts and yet, we know that they took the top off of a woman, exposed her breasts while some made fun of her, we saw the video of the tiny little girl being groped by a TSA, we saw the famed video of the “crotch check”, we have seen other pictures of  of hard crotch checks, we know how the TSA made one person remove her breast prosthetic (mastectomy), we know how former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura has to go through the “enhanced pat down” every time because the metal in his hip sets off the metal detector.

We know how disabled lady was picked up off the ground by her crotch by a TSA. We are aware that the pilots union and flight attendants union are up in arms, and now we know that one pilot is suing the TSA because they wanted him to show his penis. Again all of this has been well reported. Citizens are posting Youtube of incidents daily, complaints are rising daily.

Well that rule about not doing “enhanced” pat downs on little kids that the head of the TSA said in sworn testimony to Congress a few days ago… someone forgot to tell this group of agents as the shirt was removed from this child during the enhanced pat down to prove that the little boy wasn’t hiding any bombs.

UPDATE – The TSA and many in the elite media have stated that it was the boys father who took the boys short off to show that he wasn’t carrying a bomb, nut what the TSA didn’t volunteer is that the boy is autistic and they told the father that the child’s short would have to be removed or the autistic child would have to go through the aggressive pat down process. Then TSA agents tried to intimidate the person recording the video into erasing it, but obviously the victim held his ground. Via The Blaze. [redlasso id=”cfc16f68-7de9-4c32-86c5-dd2364b9aedd”]

1 – It is now clear that TSA is simply incapable of following its own rules.

2 – The Secret Service does not even do this kind of groping and they are second to none when it comes to security.

3 – The full body nude scan machines cannot detect many kinds of explosives.

4 – These enhanced searches have stopped no terrorists or found any bomb making materials.

5 – Better equipment such as bomb sniffing dogs and electronic sniffers are not being used in favor of what is going on now.

6 – No court has ever allowed these kind of invasive searches without a warrant or probable cause.

7 – It is the job of the government to protect and safeguard our rights, not look for excuses to violate them.

8 – Doing these searches on old women, nuns and little children actually makes us less safe. By spending resources on people who are clearly innocent that is less resources used going after terrorists.

9 – As the Israelis have told us, looking for objects is a waste of resources, looking for people who are out to cause trouble is much more effective.

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