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Bristol Palin and John Ziegler Blast Keith Olbermann

Posted by iusbvision on December 3, 2010

This is great fun to listen to.

IUSB Vision Editor’s take: I am all for the counter attack, and indeed I am a master of it (no need of modesty today, but just ask some of those who took me on), BUT… fortunately Olberman’s ratings are so low and MSNBC is so small time and marginalized that he is not a threat to any Palin. It is probably best to ignore him as he has exiled himself into irrelevance. I say this because the Palin’s are such overwhelmingly huge stars when compared with anyone on MSNBC that even a masterful response serves to help MSNBC. There is an old saying about those who misbehave, “just make sure you spell my name properly”. I am not saying ignore attackers, but under the circumstances it is likely best to ignore this particular attacker.


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