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More ClimateGate One Year Later

Posted by iusbvision on December 7, 2010

Part I HERE.

A small group of corrupt scientists peer reviewed each others work to promote it. They set out to shun and ridicule anyone who tried to publish data that opposed theirs. They conspired to delete original data if they were called on it (they were called on it and they did destroy the data). They also conspired to falsely debunk the well established “Medieval Warming Period” (These videos show why HERE and HERE). Recently they have been setting up groups to “investigate” each other for the purpose of exonerating one another.

Russia Today: More IPCC claims not based on real science. ClimateGate researchers hiding data. 141 scientists sent letter to UN stating that the solutions to global warming are not backed by the facts.

Russia Today: British MP investigating the leaked emails: This group of scientists were determined to agree with each other rather than agree with the facts. Massive money vested in this theory. They manipulated the data.

John Stossel discusses distortions in climate warming debate: 2500 IPCC scientists… well not quite

According to UN documents released through FOIA how many fully qualified climate scientists actually reviewed the IPCC report. The answer is 62. The UN admits that 31 of the 62 had a vested interest in pushing global warming alarmism. Of the 31 with no conflict of interest how many completely agreed with the IPCC report? While it says that many of them agreed with parts of the report, only four agreed with it in its entirety.

More scientists speaking out:

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