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How Global Warming Propaganda Works

Posted by iusbvision on December 8, 2010

The video below is typical of global warming propaganda. It is filled with ad-hominid attacks, claims that people like me are paid by someone combined with some very cherry picked and take out of context quotes. This video, by itself, makes an argument complete with emotional prodding that seems pretty convincing, until its claims are examined a little more closely.

But let us be clear first of all who it is that is getting paid.

Al Gore could become the world’s first carbon billionaire after investing heavily in green energy companies.

Africa wants $67 BILLION a year in global warming funds (your money).

These are just a couple of examples of some very serious cash. Evidence is readily available that Goldman Sachs, other investment bankers and people such as George Soros  have big money riding on the acceptance of legislation like Cap & Trade schemes (look at the list of those who invested in the Chicago Climate Exchange which is now going through a reformation after Glenn Beck went after them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Other big businesses will pile on when they realize that they can use their money and influence to buy exemptions in the regulations for themselves while those regulations stick to their smaller competition.

While the alarmists claim that “deniers” are all paid for, which is demonstrably false, any examination of the grant money that goes to pro AGW groups and scientists shows massive money from just the groups we mentioned including ideological groups that have always favored centralized control of the economy. In fact as we reported just recently UN documents state that 31 out of the 62 final IPCC reviewers had a vested interest in promoting the AGW cause.

On with the propaganda complete with advanced associative advertising techniques. The production value and the cleverness of the techniques used shows that this was not done for free on someones Imac. The name of the video, and pay close attention to this as we will come back to it later, is Climate Denial Crock of the Week – The “Temp leads Carbon” Crock.

1 – At first you get the term “deniers” as if it is akin to holocaust deniers and then they go about with the Wizard of Oz imagery.

2 – They talk about what is a straw man argument, you put a false or incomplete argument in your opponents mouth and proceed to knock that down rather than the contextual argument that your opponent really presents.

3 – But at 1:30 they make a straw-man argument. They state that Dr. Ball and the other scientists in the video are falsely saying that climate scientists they oppose are claiming that “CO2 has always been and in every case the single controlling factor of global temperature” – The video they are showing is from a documentary called The Great Global Warming Swindle in fact when you watch the entire clip you will see that they are not responding to the claims of climate scientists in that section of the film, they are responding to the claim of Al Gore in his film An Inconvenient Truth when we all saw Al Gore show that 600,000 year chart and say “Now do they ever match up” directly implying a causation between CO2 global temps. The whole point of that section of the film is to begin to educate the layman viewer on the science and to debunk false narratives that are driven in the elite media.

Below is the same clip but just expanded a few moments and you can see that they are specifically and by name talking about Al Gore’s claims. A much longer clip can be seen HERE.

The truth is that the so called “deniers” never made that claim about all global warming alarmist scientists. Their careful bit of straw man making was pretty slick wasn’t it?

Let us continue.

4 – Like all good propagandists they follow their lie with something that is true. In the next minute of the video they accurately explain that changes in Earth orbit likely cause a glacial “ice age” period every 100,000 years. Keep in mind that this section of the video is a direct admission that natural forces far out-way CO2 as a climate driver.

5 – The BS starts again, as he quotes James Hansen who is one of the most zealous proponents of global warming alarmism.  He even said that energy company CEO’s should be put on trial for crimes against humanity. It is important to understand just who it is that the video relies on as “the expert”.

Hansen is now at the NASA’s Goddard Institute/ NOAA. Data from NASA’s Goddard Institute has come under fire for making up gaps in data sets

NOAA Claim: Warmest June Ever – But They Made Up Much of the Data!

The NASA/Goddard/NOAA ground stations have been touted as evidence of AGW for the last few years but look at where these ground stations have ended up – On parking lot black tops, next to heat vents on buildings, on the back of a runway so that hot jet engine jet-wash can hit the censor, in junk yards, in rock gravel areas. Anthony Watts has been tracking these sensors down and it has led to a long series of articles called “How not to measure temperature“.

Editor’s Note – But wait a minute haven’t they been telling us that heat is being trapped at the greenhouse layer because of more man-made CO2 and Methane? If that is so then it would be easy to measure the heat changes at and just below the greenhouse layer with satellites and balloon instruments? Well guess what, climate scientists have and now those methods are made fun of and minimized by the alarmists (LINK see CBS story at the link) because much of that data just doesn’t show the warming they want to see (LINKLINK). So they only want to use methods like the NASA ground stations which you can see by the evidence directly above such data is not just lacking in scientific scrutiny, it is laughable.

6 – At 5: 05 the video claims that “deniers” are cherry picking data and he actually shows us the “source” from Nick Caillon. Now remember this entire section and purpose of the video is to convince you, as the title says, that the 800 year lag in CO2 statement is a “crock”.

Well here is the link to the actual paper that is mentioned in the video –

The narrator says that “deniers” do not want you to read the paper, but in reality it is the narrator who is hoping that you will not see what we are about to show you.

We confirm the close correlation between CO2 and Vostok temperature during deglaciations (1). However, Fig. 3 indicates that CO2 increases and peaks at a shallower depth in the core than 40Ar. To closely examine their phase relationship, we searched for the best fit between those two properties by adjusting the scaling ratio between 40Ar and CO2. The best correlation (R2  0.88) was obtained when we shifted the CO2 profile by 800100 years (Fig. 4). Combining this uncertainty with the uncertainty introduced by ice accumulation (800  0.2, i.e., 160 years), we obtain an overall uncertainty of200 years, indicating that the increase in CO2 lags Antarctic warming by 800  200 years, which we must consider a mean phase lag because of the method we used to make the correlation. We cannot think of a mechanism that would make 40Ar lead the temperature change, although a lag is possible if the temperature or accumulation change affects the nondiffusive zone (27).

Now wait a minute, isn’t the entire point of this video that the 800 year lag in CO2 statement is a crock… as in not true? Yet there it is in black & white right on the very study he says that “deniers” didn’t want you to read. In fact I would be thrilled if you read the paper because the whole point is this:

Does climate change  – yes

Is there such a thing as greenhouse effect – yes

Is CO2 a greenhouse gas – yes

With that said, CO2 is a trace gas, if the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere was doubled it would still be a trace gas. There are plenty of other gases that have a much higher impact on the greenhouse effect such as water vapor. Man’s contribution to CO2 is dwarfed by natural forces that put CO2 back into the air such as animals, insects, decaying plants, volcanoes etc. There are plenty of other natural forces that effect global temps other than greenhouse gas.

You all know the old saying that a butterfly flapping its wings can effect weather. This study says, and most people agree that made made CO2 may be responsible for a tiny portion of the greenhouse effect. Nut the question is, if we all started driving a Prius tomorrow and replaced all coal plants with nuclear what would the effect be and the answer which has been stated by Bjorn Lomborg, Lord Monckton,  and countless others is that the answer would be a tiny fraction of 1 degree over many decades.

Back to Nick Caillon:

The 800-year lag cannot really rule out any of these mechanisms as having sole control. Any of these mechanisms might plausibly require a finite amount of warming before CO2 outgassing becomes significant. Nevertheless, we think that our results are more consistent with a process that involves the deep ocean, as its mixing time is close to the observed 800-year lag.

Finally, the situation at Termination III differs from the recent anthropogenic CO2 increase. As recently noted by Kump (38), we should distinguish between internal influences (such as the deglacial CO2 increase) and external influences (such as the anthropogenic CO2 increase) on the climate system. Although the recent CO2 increase has clearly been imposed first, as a result of anthropogenic activities, it naturally takes, at Termination III, some time for CO2 to outgas from the ocean once it starts to react to a climate change that is first felt in the atmosphere. The sequence of events during this Termination is fully consistent with CO2 participating in the latter 4200 years of the warming. The radiative forcing due to CO2 may serve as an amplifier of initial orbital forcing, which is then further amplified by fast atmospheric feedbacks (39) that are also at work for the present day and future climate.

So once again Caillon is making it clear that natural forces are the big movers and shakers in global temperature changes and that CO2 MAY have some amplifier affect on the changes that happen naturally. I agree, just as the butterfly’s wings also have an effect on a hurricane, man made CO2 may have an effect on large natural forces that are the movers and shakers of climate change, but for us to really feel it and see it the big natural mover has to happen. No where in the Caillon study does it predict that the CO2 caused by man will bring catastrophic results that require the wholesale change of society nor does he claim that by eliminating all fossil fuels can we save the planet as NASA’s Dr. Hansen likes to fear monger on about.

Also notice that Caillon indicates that this CO2 amplifier effect may participate  in the last 4200 years of warming in the 100,000 year ice age cycle; the end/beginning of which we are no where even close to near.

Scared yet? Ready to trash the economy and turn freedom over to government central planners now? Cooler heads prevail.

7 – At 7:48 in the video the narrator starts his summation with a totally new false statement, “We know that the Sun has not been a significant factor in the last 50 years”. Wow, 50 years is a pretty short time, weren’t we just talking about lengths of time in 30,000 and 100,000 years? Wait a minute how does he “know” that ? The Caillon article nor the clip from the “deniers” film mentioned the sun, so where is this coming from?

Well it wasn’t from the University of Colorado data set featured on Tony Watts’ site showing a correlation between sea level rise and solar activity:

More NASA/Goddard nonsense outing soon.

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