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Baywatch Star Singled Out for ‘Nude’ Bodyscan. Mocked by TSA Employees

Posted by iusbvision on December 12, 2010



Former ‘Baywatch’ star Donna D’Errico says she was singled out by a TSA agent for a full body scan while traveling through LAX. The actress thinks the system of randomly selecting passengers for scans should be changed.

D’Errico says she was recently flying to Pittsburgh with her boyfriend and 17-year-old son when she was approached by a TSA agent immediately after she placed her luggage on the moving carrier.

“A male TSA agent took me by the elbow and said come with me,” D’Errico told KTLA.

D’Errico, 42, says when she asked the agent why she was singled out for the full body scan and not others he responded, “because you caught my eye and they didn’t.”

Her son was also given the body scan after she told the agent that they were traveling together, she said.

D’Errico says the agent never gave her the option for a pat-down.

Once she got through the line, she says she looked back and saw the TSA agent laughing, whispering and smiling as he and two other male TSA agents looked at her.

“I felt like I was in high school,” she said.

D’Errico says no one else from the long line was pulled aside for a body scan.

She says she would like to see the system changed.

“You shouldn’t have a human being randomly selecting people,” she said.

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