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The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. – Vladimir Lenin

“Merry Christmas” is coming back to retailers due to pressure from traditionalists

Posted by iusbvision on December 12, 2010

Good. We are almost 90% of the population here. Our system of law is based on Western Christian Scholasticism. Since our rights come from God we should exercise them with Him in mind.

Do you go to Israel and tell them no Hanukkah? Do you go to Saudi Arabia and tell then no Ramadan? When in Rome folks…


One Response to ““Merry Christmas” is coming back to retailers due to pressure from traditionalists”

  1. Don Broome said

    I am just a simple Christian, and I really don’t understand the continued attacks on us, and the Creche, displayed during the Christmas celebration. Liberals, atheists, our Judiciary are continuing in their efforts to remove God, Jesus and all things “Christian” from this Republic.
    When the founders of this great nation left England, they were leaving(only one of numerous reasons)a state sponsored and ordained “religion”; what is today known as the “Anglican Communion”. We have never had, nor has anyone suggested, a “Church of the United States”

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