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Huffington Post Blasts Sarah Palin for Getting “Movie Set” Treatment in Haiti – Secret Hair Stylist Ends Up Being Daughter Bristol

Posted by iusbvision on December 13, 2010

I just laugh when I see Arianna Huffington claim that her smear site is America’s internet newspaper with “real journalism”.

The Huffington Post blasts Sarah Palin almost every day and almost every the narrative the present is nothing short of Orwellian.

The following is just one example of many. When the Republic of Georgia (on Russia’s southern border) was considering applying for NATO membership. ABC’s John Gibson asked Governor Palin if she supported Georgia’s entry into NATO and Governor Palin articulated the same position that Obama, McCain, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton held on the issue. The Senate even passed a unanimous resolution calling for Georgia’s entry into NATO. Yet when Palin answered that Georgia should be admitted and explained that NATO by treaty is a mutual defense pact; the Huffington Post reacted with the headline, “Palin Talks About Invading Russia” – LINK.

Today’s Huffington Post:

Palin Does Haiti Cholera: How’s My Hair? (and, Did AP Lend a Curl?)

If I find the fantastically clever Sarah Palin to be one of the shallowest and blatantly self-serving politicians, err, political celebrities I’ve ever seen, it doesn’t stop me from taking pause upon seeing these AP shots from Franklin Graham’s cholera treatment center in Haiti.

Damn right it’s revolting seeing Sarah getting her hair made up like this field hospital is her movie set …

This is what Arianna calls “real journalism”. “Sarah getting her hair made up like this field hospital is her movie set”. The narrative complete with attitude implies that Sarah is vain and only cares about how she will look on TV when she is surrounded by suffering. The reality is that the woman next to Sarah is not some high paid makeup artist, rather it is her daughter Bristol who just took a moment to fix a spot on her mother’s hair.

It is amazing how much emotionalism, intent and action a hater can add into a picture’s narrative in spite of the fact that there is no truth whatsoever to what the hater’s mind created.

Notice the AP leaves out "At left is daughter Bristol" - that was no accident folks, these reporters followed the Palin's on their entire trip. This is the AP's way of making Palin appear vain and is also yet another sexist slap. The Huffington Post fell for that narrative hook, line & sinker. This is a fine example of what is called "Attitude Change Propaganda" or ACP. ACP is designed to infuse the reader with a negative feeling by implying a false narrative by using careful ommission of facts presented with an attitude.


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