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Deranged Palin Haters File FCC Complaints Over Bristol’s Dancing Success

Posted by iusbvision on December 14, 2010

File this one under “you just cant make this stuff up folks”

The Smoking Gun:

DECEMBER 6–In the days after Bristol Palin was voted into the finals of “Dancing with the Stars,” viewers from across the country wrote to the Federal Communications Commission accusing the ABC show of everything from running a “payola type program” to “encouraging and promoting teen pregnancy.”

Many of the complainants, whose letters were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, were upset that, as one Oregonian put it, “the top scores were voted off yet Sarah Palin’s daughter remained on.”

One viewer from Pittsburgh alleged that the show’s voting system had been “fixed by extreme supporters of the Tea Party and Radical Right-Wing. I find that it has become a political platform for Sarah Palin to improve her image and ooze her political slime.” The aggrieved correspondent continued, “Bristol is not a star, what did she do, she had sex and got pregnant. Lets reward her…I made several call to ABC’s complaint line and I hope that their phone lines melt. It has become a political movement, with Tea Party websites instructing on how to vote for Bristol. Ridiculousness!”

Another source of grievances was a hug delivered to the 20-year-old Palin by one of the show’s judges, Carrie Ann Inaba.

Noting that “no other dancer was called over for a hug,” one viewer claimed that the clinch was a “signal for the GOP/Tea Party supporters of Sarah Palin to ‘stuff’ the vote for Bristol Palin, who on both dates had to be dragged over the dance floor.” The writer added, “My 96 year old Mother-in-Law can dance better than Ms. Palin…I want my Government to protect me the viewer from deceptive practices.”

A Cerritos, California resident reported that the “physical contact” made by Inaba “sets the contestant up for thinking the judge will favor them. She was impartial to one and partial to the others.”


One commenter who claimed to be a former FCC CAMS operator stated:

An ex FCC employee here. I worked in the FCC National Call Center in the mid to late 90’s. I and others that worked in the call center took millions of complaints in that time. Hundreds thousands of complaints were about “conservative or Republican” oriented broadcasts. It was easy to determine, by questioning many liberal callers, that the caller had never watched the television show or listened to the radio broadcast the caller was complaining about. Consumer Advocate Mediation Specialist (CAMS) FCC call center employee frequently heard the same complaint, word for word, 50 to 100 times in one day!

The conservative call in complaint campaigns that were organized, almost exclusively had to do with religious issues, not about an issue as mundane and lacking merit for complaint as Bristol Palin’s “Dancing with the Stars”!

Liberal callers were and still are, the most verbally abusive, vicious, obscene people showing an extreme lack respect and disdain for the CAMS working at the call center. The liberal callers threatened to file a complaint about me (and other CAMS) with their representatives or senators when we did not comply with their demands to remove conservative shows from TV and radio. No congressional inquiry was made about my refusals. Conservatives frequently wrote their representatives praising the CAMS they had spoken to, liberals did not! The politicians forwarded copies of these letters to the FCC. What “these” liberals don’t understand is that the FCC has no legal authority, due to the restraints of the Constitution of the United States, to do anything about an issue such as, Bristol Palin “Dancing with the Stars”! But I am sure that the liberals would change the Constitution, if they could, so all conservative programming could be banned forever from television and radio broadcasts! I am in my 60’s now, and it seems every year as I get older, the liberals grow worse in their expectations and their vitriol!




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