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Obama to Enact Cap & Trade Even Though Congress Told Him No

Posted by iusbvision on December 28, 2010

This isn’t the only thing he is doing on his own. He is also enacting several parts of the health care law through regulation that the Senate told him no on as well.

As Obama has said himself that Cap & Trade will “necessarily make the cost of electricity skyrocket”: 

This is the problem that occurs when Congress grants federal bureaucracy such wide regulatory power to enact as they see fit. The bureaucrats get such wide power to enact law through regulation that they in effect become, as Justice Scalia once described as, “a junior varsity Congress” that can pass laws that are even against the will of Congress and the people. This action takes the entire purpose of Separation of Powers in the Constitution and tosses it right out the window. While Congress does have some minor delegable authority under the Necessary and Proper clause in no way did the Founders ever intend to have a situation where all three branches of government are legislating on their own and against the will of the people.

This action shows that the Obama administration and some of the Democratic leadership have nothing but utter contempt for the overwhelming expressed will of the American people.

The Republicans in the House will have to defund the EPA or take some similar action to stop this, which means that there will be war between the new House Republicans, Obama and the Democrats.

The strategy for Obama and the Democrats will be to shut down the government unless the new Republicans in the House vote to fund ObamaCare, the reinserted “death panel” regulations and Cap & Trade. If the government gets shut down the elite media and the Democrats will blame Republicans for shutting down the government. If the new Republicans capitulate Democrats will call them a bunch of frauds come election time and say “see your Tea Party folks voted for all the same big government stuff the Democrats did”.

The Tea Party and the GOP need to get way ahead on this and prepare the American people for a fight.


The Obama administration is expected to roll out a major greenhouse gas policy for power plants and refineries as soon as Wednesday, signaling it won’t back off its push to fight climate change in the face of mounting opposition on Capitol Hill.

The Environmental Protection Agency has agreed to a schedule for setting greenhouse gas emission limits, known as “performance standards,” for the nation’s two biggest carbon-emitting industries, POLITICO has learned.

Under the schedule agreed to by EPA, states and environmental groups, the agency will issue a draft greenhouse gas performance standard for power plants by July 2011 and a final rule by May 2012. The agreement – which comes after states and environmentalists challenged the George W. Bush administration’s failure to set the standards – requires EPA to issue a draft limit for refineries by Dec. 2011 and a final rule by Nov. 2012.

The White House Office of Management and Budget has signed off on the schedule, according to a litigant in the legal fight.

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