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Girls defeat US Border fence in under 18 seconds. Napolitano: Obama Administration’s Security of Border is Unprecedented

Posted by iusbvision on January 4, 2011

We have heard Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano say it many times that the resources put into border enforcement is unprecedented. The reality is the border is a joke, they know its a joke, so they hire a few more border agents and say “See we have unprecedented effort” when in reality the enforcement is not even close to being serious.

In the mean time while anyone can cross our borders with ease, you have to face breast, crotch and underwear checks, nude scanners and God help you if you are an amputee or use a colostomy bag and retaliation from the government if you complain.

Feel safe?

Via The Blaze:

Remember Homeland Security Secretary Jane Napalitano’s mantra from last year the border is “as secure now as it has ever been”? (See here and here.) No one better show her the following video, which claims to show two young girls tackling, and conquering, the U.S./Mexico immigration fence in under 18 seconds — by hand:

The video comes from the creator of a film called “The Other Side of Immigration.” Interestingly, the goal of that film and the above video is not meant as a statement on the necessity of increased border security. Rather, the film bills itself as a documentary purporting to show the plight of Mexicans, why they are flocking to the U.S., and an alternative theory on how to stop illegal immigration.

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