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Iranian Woman: Islam means rape

Posted by iusbvision on January 5, 2011

Warning, the story she tells in this video is not for the timid.

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Lee Doren on Stupid Comments on YouTube/Blogs

Posted by iusbvision on January 5, 2011

When I saw this video I knew that I had to post it. Watch the video first before you read on.

I get this very same thing on my YouTube channel which as now gotten nearly 1.7 million views (I stopped posting video’s on there some months ago as I am using DailyMotion and now).

While it is true that some people do not read carefully and simply skim a couple of lines and post. For some of the commenters who behave as the video describes there is a method or reasoning behind it.

Some design a program such as a “script kiddie” to search for key words on blogs and post the same propaganda comment all over the blogosphere.

Some are those who know darn well that half of the people browsing to the bog will not read the entire post (or video) carefully, so they post their misleading or straw-man argument/comment in hopes that people will just read the short comments and accept them as true because they didn’t read the article.

Some others are ideologues who have so much zeal, that they do not accept and cannot process arguments they cannot defeat; their minds have to convert the argument into something else (create a straw-man to knock down) or they experience cognitive dissonance so the argument they cannot deal with doesn’t register and goes ignored as if it were never presented. This type of commenter simply is not capable of thinking passed their predetermined narrative. These kind of people are also known as “moonbats”, “Kool-Aide drinkers” (their side is so good in their mind that if told to drink the Jim Jones Kool-Aide they will do it), or have what we call “Palin Derangement Syndrome”.

Of course there are also the kind of commenters who are just “trolls”. Trolls knowingly and willingly lie about what is in the original post, make straw-man arguments and do it for the sole reason of trying to upset people and/or to get a rise out of them.

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Famed Economist Dr. John Lott dissects fraudulent University of Maryland “study” on Fox News

Posted by iusbvision on January 5, 2011

See our previous post where we dissected it HERE. The link also has a great video from our friend Lee Doren of  How the World Works who also dissects the study.

While Doren and myself are well versed in economics, we are not famed PhD’s in the field so it is great to have a man of Dr. Lott’s stature to not only verify our critiques, but add more substance and detail to them in only the way he can.

I encourage all students and faculty to read this piece.

Dr. Lott:

Does watching Fox News rot your brain? According to a report released last month by at the University of Maryland, “Misinformation and the 2010 Election,” the more people watch Fox News, the more they are “misinformed.”

The allegation rapidly became a favorite topic for leading mainstream news outlets including The New York TimesU.S. News and World ReportCBS NewsSlateThe Atlantic. Even major newspapers in Canada and the U.K.covered the report. Of course, left-wing websites — the Talking Point Memo, Media Matters, and the Daily Kos — reveled in the findings.

The report asserted that Fox News viewers getting political survey questions wrong was not just the result of already wrongheaded Republicans watching Fox News: “The effect was also not simply a function of partisan bias, as people who voted Democratic and watched Fox News were also more likely to have such misinformation than those who did not watch it–though by a lesser margin than those who voted Republican.”

But the researchers themselves were clearly misinformed and frequently picked incorrect or left-wing biased answers as the “correct” ones, something the uncritical mainstream media apparently never examined. Take the first four questions of the eleven the report focused on.

Question # 1: “Is it your impression that most ECONOMISTS who have studied it estimate that the stimulus legislation caused job losses, saved or created a few jobs, or saved or created several million jobs?” (emphasis is in the original). The claims that the stimulus “saved or created several million jobs,” citing a report from the Democratically controlled Congressional Budget Office (CBO) that said the increase in jobs was at least 2 million. Any other answer give put the viewer as being “misinformed.”

To back up their claim that “most economists” agreed with this statement, they referenced a March 2010 Wall Street Journal survey: 38 of 54 forecasting economists thought that the stimulus helped. Nonetheless, the University of Maryland researchers — intentionally or unintentionally — exaggerated the claim: the average economist in the survey estimated that the stimulus reduced the unemployment rate in February from 10.4 to 9.7 percent, about one million jobs, not “several million jobs.”

In addition, they avoided acknowledging that there were other surveys where the majority of economists dramatically disagree. One such survey was by the National Association of Business Economics, with 50 of 68 economists concluding that the stimulus had no beneficial impact of the recovery.

Question # 2: “What effect do you think the health reform law will have on the federal budget deficit over the next ten years?” The “correct” answer was that Obamacare would reduce the deficit, and the report cites a March estimate by the CBO that the health care savings would be $124 billion. But this is an old, vastly optimistic left-wing prediction touted by the CBO to get Obamacare passed. Even the Obama administration now admits that their plan will add to the deficit. The CBO itself now acknowledges that they double-counted projected Medicare spending cuts. Correcting that error adds $89 billion to the health care costs over the decade. Another CBO error also underestimated discretionary spending in the new health care law by $60 billion. These errors by themselves, not even counting other problems, flips the math around and shows that Obamacare will increase the deficit.

Question #3: “Do you think that now the American economy is still getting worse or starting to recover?” This question, like the others in the survey, were asked from November 6th to 15th.

The “right” answer was supposed to be that the economy was “starting to recover.” But whether things were getting “worse” depends a lot on what numbers were considered, and the question failed to make it clear precisely what numbers were being refereed to.

In terms of GDP growth, the recession did end in June 2009. Yet, since June 2009, unemployment kept on rising from 9.5 to 9.8 percent. Four million more Americans became unemployed or simply gave up looking for work and left the labor force. Furthermore, with uncertainty over the future rising, temporary jobs have started replacing permanent jobs, with 561,000 permanent jobs disappearing since the recovery started.

Question #4: “Do you think that MOST SCIENTISTS believe that climate change is occurring, not occurring, or views are evenly divided?” (emphasis in the original). Of course, the answer wants was that most scientists believe that climate change is occurring. Again, the question is poorly worded. In particular, it fails to specify what time period is relevant. Have temperatures risen since the end of The Little Ice Age in 1850? Surely, no one disagrees with that. Have temperatures changed much since 1998? Few scientists would claim so. Judging from the’s report, the authors are clearly pushing the man-made global warming viewpoint. But on that score, there is little unanimity. For example, a 2010 survey of American weather forecasters found only 17 percent to believe in man-made global warming. And, as for scientists in general, 9,029 Ph.D.s signed a petition this year disputing man-made global warming claims.

Still other questions were fraught with problems. For instance, “Since January 2009 have your Federal income taxes gone down, stayed the same, or gone up?” That was not a smart formulation when the researchers intended an answer for overall tax rates rather than for each individual’s taxes. And then there are problems with their question about the TARP financial bailout, where the researchers ask about whether most Congressional Republicans supported it. But they can’t even add up the total votes in the House or Senate on the bill which shows that Republicans were literally split 50-50, while 75 percent of Democrats supported it. On their own, House Republicans would never have supported the bill.

The survey is a mess. At best, the survey shows that liberals who conducted the survey simply were not smart or careful enough. If any conclusion can be drawn, it is that those who watched Fox News almost every day had not fallen for left-wing myths to the same extent as other Americans.

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Academic Misconduct by Faculty and Administrators is a Shameful Epidemic: Announcing our New Academic Misconduct Category

Posted by iusbvision on January 5, 2011

Editor’s Note

With this post we are announcing a new category called Academic Misconduct. While this may seem redundant with our Campus Freedom, Indoctrination & Censorship category the new Academic Misconduct category will focus on instances where those in authority actively conspire to violate the rights of, or smear, or suppress a student, faculty member, or citizen.

This is NOT about conspiracy theories so lets make that clear at the get go. This category is about cases, for example, where multiple members of the faculty and/or administration actively work together to engage in the type of misconduct described above and got caught.

But why make an entire category about something that just happens from time to time? That is the problem, it just not just happen from time to time. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has actively fought countless cases of just such behavior at universities both large and small scattered across the country. So has the Alliance Defense Fund, the Student Press Law Center, the ACLU and the Rutherford Institute.  Even here at IUSB we have reported multiple cases of just such behavior and as I type this a faculty member is having his academic freedom violated in flagrant violation of the IU Academic Handbook. Which likely we will be reporting on soon.

Indeed several new cases a week almost very week become known. These are also just a tiny fraction of the violations because so many students either do not know their rights, do not know that thereis help out there, or a faculty member/student is successfully intimidated.

This new category has been long overdue, but the catalyst to create it came from a challenge from a global warming alarmist when he told me (in spite of the ClimateGate emails that demonstrate just such behavior as large as life) that he does not believe that academics would conspire in such a way. The truth is that not only does it happen, but it is a fairly common occurrence (and these are just the examples that get exposed). There so many fully documented examples of just such behavior that when given such an objection again I will merely need to point them to this category.

The video’s below are just a few examples. To examine our other categories please scroll down on the left hand bar of the page.

The IUPUI case below is one that I actively participated in defending the student. Part 1 of our investigation is HERE and part 2 is HERE.  Commentary on this video is HERE

“No responsible public official could possibly have gone overboard as they appeared to do at Voldosta State”

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NYC Communists: We Prefer to be Called Progressives

Posted by iusbvision on January 5, 2011

Of course they do.

[By the way the reason the media report is so glowing is because RT = Russia Today – Editor]

The first “great” progressive thinker is Walter Lippmann. He is the founder of modern American journalism and advisor to President’s Wilson and FDR. He wrote this:

Throughout the world, in the name of progress, men who call themselves communists, socialists, fascists, nationalists, progressives, and even liberals, are unanimous in holding that government with its instruments of coercion must by commanding the people how they shall live, direct the course of civilization and fix the shape of things to come. They believe in what Mr. Stuart Chase accurately describes as “the overhead planning and control of economic activity.” This is the dogma which all the prevailing dogmas presuppose. This is the mold in which are cast the thought and action of the epoch. No other approach to the regulation of human affairs is seriously considered, or is even conceived as possible. The recently enfranchised masses and the leaders of thought who supply their ideas are almost completely under the spell of this dogma. Only a handful here and there, groups without influence, isolated and disregarded thinkers, continue to challenge it. For the premises of authoritarian collectivism have become the working beliefs, the self-evident assumptions, the unquestioned axioms, not only of all the revolutionary regimes, but of nearly every effort which lays claim to being enlightened, humane, and progressive.

So universal is the dominion of this dogma over the minds of contemporary men that no one is taken seriously as a statesman or a theorist who does not come forward with proposals to magnify the power of public officials and to extend and multiply their intervention in human affairs. Unless he is authoritarian and collectivist, he is a mossback, a reactionary, at best an amiable eccentric swimming hopelessly against the tide. It is a strong tide.

The first great thinker of the “progressive movement” openly states that progressivism and American liberalism are simply flavors of communism designed to control men and the economy by ever increasing the role of the state in our lives. This is not extremism folks, or fear mongering, it is simply the objective truth by their own words.

The Blaze:


Those who doubt the connection between the communist party and the unions need only to read accounts of a recent awards ceremony to see how both groups view each other.

On Sunday, December 5, the Communist Party USA gave awards to a pair of labor leaders and a former state legislator and assistant attorney general.* Among the recipients was Connecticut AFL-CIO head John Olsen, who not only gladly accepted the award, but garnered “loud applause” when he said he stands with CPUSA.

CPUSA’s webzine People’s World reports Olsen was given the award at the Voices for Jobs, Equality & Peace – People’s World Amistad Awards Concert celebrating the 90th anniversary of the CPUSA.

“James Hillhouse High School auditorium was filled with the fabulous jazz sounds of Jeff Fuller & Friends, labor songs by Bill Collins of the Rabble Rousers, and poetry by Baub Bidon and Ken Brown,” the article describes the event. But besides offering a mental picture, it also gives a glimpse of Olsen’s acceptance speech, in which he says he will stand with the Communist Party:

“Anyone who stands with me for workers’ rights, I stand with them,” said John Olsen to loud applause as he acknowledged the Communist Party and took a strong stand against fear mongering and baiting, including the anti-socialist baiting of President Barack Obama.

The article goes on to praise the union for its work, and explains how important the union is in fighting for CPUSA causes:

The AFL CIO and local unions are now developing their legislative agendas.  For the first time in 22 years, a Democratic governor was elected in Connecticut.  It is widely recognized that union members made the difference in voter turnout.


Related – AFL-CIO Head Calls For Government Takeover of All Business

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