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Academic Misconduct by Faculty and Administrators is a Shameful Epidemic: Announcing our New Academic Misconduct Category

Posted by iusbvision on January 5, 2011

Editor’s Note

With this post we are announcing a new category called Academic Misconduct. While this may seem redundant with our Campus Freedom, Indoctrination & Censorship category the new Academic Misconduct category will focus on instances where those in authority actively conspire to violate the rights of, or smear, or suppress a student, faculty member, or citizen.

This is NOT about conspiracy theories so lets make that clear at the get go. This category is about cases, for example, where multiple members of the faculty and/or administration actively work together to engage in the type of misconduct described above and got caught.

But why make an entire category about something that just happens from time to time? That is the problem, it just not just happen from time to time. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has actively fought countless cases of just such behavior at universities both large and small scattered across the country. So has the Alliance Defense Fund, the Student Press Law Center, the ACLU and the Rutherford Institute.  Even here at IUSB we have reported multiple cases of just such behavior and as I type this a faculty member is having his academic freedom violated in flagrant violation of the IU Academic Handbook. Which likely we will be reporting on soon.

Indeed several new cases a week almost very week become known. These are also just a tiny fraction of the violations because so many students either do not know their rights, do not know that thereis help out there, or a faculty member/student is successfully intimidated.

This new category has been long overdue, but the catalyst to create it came from a challenge from a global warming alarmist when he told me (in spite of the ClimateGate emails that demonstrate just such behavior as large as life) that he does not believe that academics would conspire in such a way. The truth is that not only does it happen, but it is a fairly common occurrence (and these are just the examples that get exposed). There so many fully documented examples of just such behavior that when given such an objection again I will merely need to point them to this category.

The video’s below are just a few examples. To examine our other categories please scroll down on the left hand bar of the page.

The IUPUI case below is one that I actively participated in defending the student. Part 1 of our investigation is HERE and part 2 is HERE.  Commentary on this video is HERE

“No responsible public official could possibly have gone overboard as they appeared to do at Voldosta State”

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